Things to do in Chiba, Japan

Katori Jinguu
“Katori Jinguu”, one of the best Japanese shrines in Chiba Prefecture, standing in a solemn forest.(MOVIE) The approach that celebrates the four seasons. After passing through the Torii gate, you’ll find a gravel pathway. Duri
Nokogiri-yama and its colossal colossal Buddha statue
Let’s take a train from Tokyo! Mt. Nokogiri-yama in Chiba Prefecture is one of the most natural places you can find within an easy day trip from Toky
A festival to parade a large 100-year-old tree around town in Chiba Prefecture
The City of Amatsu, Kamogawa loves the festival at the shrine where Boshu Ise is enshrined. Amatsu Shinmei Shrine is located in the southeastern pa
An alternative to sightseeing: A weekend farming experience at ”Yoshioka Farm” in Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture.
Find Japan by digging deep in the ground! What would you expect while sightseeing in Japan? Good food, beautiful nature, crazy i
Very easy access from Tokyo. ”Tojo-house,” a 19th century dwelling located in Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture.
Let’s take an easy walk to “Tojo-house” The last feudal lord of Mito province, Tokugawa Akitake, built tojo-house in 1884 during the Me
”An organic café” in Isumi City, Chiba Prefecture.
Hello everyone, There is a really nice café in Isumi City, Chiba Prefecture. It’s called the “Rice Terrace Cafe” and is located in the community ar
Please try it if you don’t like raw fish, “Namero,” the local food of Chiba
Let’s try Namero and conquer your dislike of raw fish! Some people don’t like raw fish even though they like Japanese food. We have one food we
“Hakari-me-Don,” The best eel of Japan and a well-known product of Futtsu city, Chiba prefecture, caught in Tokyo Bay.
“Edomae-anago (conger)” is loved by the people who were born in Edo (Tokyo) Most Japanese would say that the answer is eel if you ask them which