Things to do in Chubu, Japan

【WINTER】Common during the winter? The sight of capybaras comfortably bathing in hot springs has a healing effect. “Izu Shaboten Park”
It is not only humans who like hot springs! Japan has grown chillier and it is currently very cold; we can feel the depth of winter approaching d
“Nishizawa Canyon”a Healing Canyon Abundant in Negative Ions
Nishizawa Canyon, one of the most magnificent canyons in Japan t is located in Yamanashi City, in the northern part of Yamanashi Prefecture, and
Feel how the nature of Shinshu enwraps you... “Sanbondaki Falls, in Mt. Norikuradake“, are something you will not find anywhere else.
Full of highlights all throughout the year! Enjoy the blessings of nature at the Norikura Highlands, in Shinshu Mt. Norikuradake, in Nagano Pref
“Hitsumabushi”, A local eel dish of Nagoya city eaten in 3 different steps
Recommended for the hot summer! Become a master on Japan through Nagoya's local specialties! Hitsumabushi is grilled eel served over rice and one
Let's pay a visit to Ise Jingū(Ise Grand Shrine) Naikū(Inner Shrine) section
【Photo by Yuri Suzuki】 Kotai Jingū(Naikū)," where "Amaterasu-ōmikami," the ultimate ujigami(Shintō deity) of the Japanese people, is enshrined.
Let's pay a visit to Ise Jingū(Ise Grand Shrine) ~Gekū(Outer Shrine) section~
【Photo by Yuri Suzuki】 Toyouke Daijingū(Gekū)," where "Toyouke no ōmikami," the goddess of agriculture and industry, is enshrined. Ise Jingū i
Super-thick “Ise udon” noodles, which are boiled for an hour!
【Photo by Yuri Suzuki】 This dish is so popular that it will have you scolded by the god Emma for wanting to eat it! Udon is a dish that is muc
Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park
【Photo by Yuri Suzuki】 The only place to find Snow Monkeys bathing in Hot Spring Baths Located 850 meters above sea level, Jigokudani means ‘H
Oshino-Hakkai (snow-melted water from Mt. Fuji)
The eight spring water ponds of Oshino village. Oshino village is located between Lake Yamanaka and Fuji Yoshida city in the northern part o