Things to do in Chugoku, Japan

A regular dog on a regular walk part four, in “Izumo-taisha, Inasanohama, and Sakaiminato”
We decided to go on a trip to our hometown in Okayama prefecture. Uncle Goro drove the car. At the service area of Daisen, in Tottori
A regular dog on a regular walk part seven, in “Kibitsu Shrine”
We went back to my hometown with our baby who was born last year, and decided to visit Kibitsu Shrine in Okayama. We gave Mame a millet dumplin
Cooking on a roof tile?! Have a taste of “Kawara Soba,” a Yamaguchi Prefecture specialty
This weird cooking technique was born in battle In the City of Shimonoseki, in Yamaguchi Prefecture, there is a local cuisine called kawara soba. It
Why you should eat fugu in Shimonoseki
Why it's ok to eat fugu and why you should do it in Shimonoseki!