Things to do in Gunma, Japan

【AUTUMN】Gunma prefecture: “Kakumanbuchi” has beautiful scenery filled with trees and a marsh in its mountain area.
Enjoy the autumn foliage in a small marshland. This small marshland, Kakumanbuchi is located at Mt. Akagi (elev. 1360-meters) in Gunma Prefecture.
Lake Usui
【AUTUMN】Let’s enjoy autumn foliage at “Lake Usui” and its dam, in Gunma Prefecture!
Walk around the lake and enjoy the autumn foliage to your heart’s content. Autumn has finally arrived in Japan. Today, I’d like to introduce lake U
The Holy “Akagi Shrine” is located at the top of Mt.Akagi
The faith from the Shrine is derived from the Mountain Akagi Shrine is located in Maebashi-city, Gunma Prefecture. It exists at the to
What are the attractions of ”Tomioka Silk Mill,” a registered World Heritage Site?
Tomioka Silk Mill, which contributed to the modernization of Japan Tomioka Silk Mill was a model mechanized silk mill, established in 1872 by th
Dokutsukannon and Tokumeien
A beautiful, cool, and silent sanctuary Located at the Jigenin Temple in Takasaki city at the foot of the giant white bodhisattva is the Doku
Takasaki City’s Extremely Large Bodhisattva
The Kannon (Bodhisattva) mercifully watches over the city of Takasaki Located at the Jigenin Temple in Takasaki city is an extremely large Ka
Doai, the deepest underground train station in Japan.
【Photo by Yuri Suzuki】 What’s the story behind Doai Station? Have you heard about Doai station in Mount Tanigawa located in Gunma prefecture
Flowers blooming in hot water Yubatake Located in the northwestern part of Gunma prefecture is a famous onsen (hot spring bath) called Kusat
Onioshidashi Volcanic Park
A work of art that emerged from a great volcanic eruption. Mount Asama, located in the Gunma prefecture is known as one of the worlds most a
A beautiful lavender garden easily accessible from Tokyo. ”Tambara Lavender Park”
A beautiful lavender garden easily accessible from Tokyo,it’s one of the largest lavender parks in the Kanto area Many people imagine that the fa