Things to do in Kanto, Japan

kominka kanaya
”Kanaya Base” near Minami-Boso has a special guesthouse.
Hello everyone, Have you ever heard of a place called “Kanaya Base” in Minami-Boso, Chiba Prefecture? The old guesthouse I will introduce today is
”An organic café” in Isumi City, Chiba Prefecture.
Hello everyone, There is a really nice café in Isumi City, Chiba Prefecture. It’s called the “Rice Terrace Cafe” and is located in the community ar
Great nature is just 1 hour away from Shinjuku! Enjoy a day trip hiking at “Mt. Takaosan”
We hiked Mt. Takaosan during the winter! Taking a train crowded with people who go to school and work, we arrived at Mt. Takaosan in just 1 hour from
Let’s find the hidden “Dust bunnies” at a century old cultural asset in Saitama Prefecture!
I went to “Kurosuke’s house” in Tokorozawa city in Saitama Prefecture operated by the Totoro Fund. “Kurosuke,” or Dust bunny is the character a
【WINTER】"Toshi-no-ichi Hagoita-ichi," an end of the year event that presents an array of Tokyo traditional craft items
A major year-end event that is bustling from morning till night The Toshi-no-ichi (Year-end Fair) is held each year from December 16th through 19
Ogawa city, Saitama Prefecture is home of ”Japanese paper,” registered as intangible cultural assets.
“Japanese paper” is registered as intangible cultural heritage for its thinness, strength, and beauty. On November 27th, 3 types of Japanese pape
A day at an old nostalgic city. Wandering “Shibamata Taishakuten.”
Let’s go to Shibatama on a sunny day! Things to look for at “Shibamata Taishakuten” Shibamata is located in the Katsushika distri
An old Japanese house with a coffee shop. Let’s find silence on hectic Omotesando Street.
300m away from Omotesando Hills, a coffee shop called “Omotesando Coffee” quietly stands. This is a coffee shop where many foreign tourists
Enjoy serious hiking on a day trip from Tokyo! Experience the "Roof of Kanagawa"!
The Tanzawa main ridge with its spectacular views takes you on a walk through the heavens linked to the city. The Tanzawa main ridge is called th
What are the attractions of ”Tomioka Silk Mill,” a registered World Heritage Site?
Tomioka Silk Mill, which contributed to the modernization of Japan Tomioka Silk Mill was a model mechanized silk mill, established in 1872 by th
asakusa chikagai
How retro and exotic is that! ”Asakusa Chika-gai” is the oldest underground mall in Japan.
The underground mall that opened 50 years ago has lots of quirky shops. “Asakusa Chika-gai” (literally, Asakusa underground mall) was opened in 1
A regular dog on a regular walk part five, in “Tenno-ji Temple and Yanaka Cemetry”
Before we knew it, the cherry blossoms have bloomed!We dashed out of our house as not to miss this delicate period of full bloom.
Don’t miss it! The breathtakingly beautiful “Ginkgo Festival” in the outer garden of the Meiji-jingu Shrine
Until 8th December, the golden road filled with 146 Ginkgo trees is a must-see! The biggest part of this festival is the street lined with beaut
A festival for the secret date between the God of Mount Bukō and Myoken Bosatsu, “Chichibu-Yo matsuri”.
The highlight is Kasaboko-lifting, held on the 3rd night. “Chichibu-Yo Matsuri” is a regular rite of autumn and festivals in Chichibu Shrine, a
The lovely waters and the abundant greenery of “Jindaiji Temple” will make you forget the hustle and bustle of the city.
The Lovely Waters and the Abundant Greenery of “Jindaiji Temple” Will Make You Forget the Hustle and Bustle of the City. Located in Tokyo's wes