Things to do in Kumamoto, Japan

Kumamoto Castle
The most popular castle in Japan! Kumamoto City is proud of its 400-year-old fortress!
Kumamoto Castle is one of the three best castles in Japan following Nagoya Castle and Osaka Castle ( Both o
The Castle Road in the Sky
Mount Aso
Stunning scenery that can be seen during the day and into the evening In the morning you can view the sunrise in the sea clouds, if you’re lucky. Y
Mount Aso… Where You Can Feel the Pulse of the Earth in the Volcanic Country of Japan.
We are truly saddened by the unfortunate events surrounding the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake and give our utmost condolences to those affected.Our heart
Rainwater showers upon an active volcano, taking 50 years to become beautiful, delicious spring water at “Shirakawa Spring”
You can take this clean, delicious water home with you! Japan is a country that is greatly abundant with water. There are clean water sources, su