Things to do in Mt. Fuji and nearby, Japan

Five Limited Express Trains for Exploring Areas Outside Tokyo
Did you know that the Shinkansen isn’t the only way to reach areas outside Tokyo quickly and comfortably? Limited Express trains can sometimes be the
10 Tips for Climbing Mt Fuji
The official Mt Fuji climbing season only lasts two months a year. From early July to early September, you can safely climb to the top of Japan’s high
Shiraito Falls
Let’s relax at Shiraito Falls in Shizuoka Prefecture after visiting Mt. Fuji!
There are several waterfalls called Shiraito in Japan, and the most famous is in Shizuoka Prefecture. It is relatively large compared to others in Jap
Okuooi Kojou Station
Stunning Panorama and a Station in the Middle of Water, Oku-ooi - Shizuoka’s Hidden Beauties Part 5
Let’s ride the Aputo style train! After a good rest at the Suikouen inn, we got on the bus going to Okuizumi Station. A red train welcomed us: The So
An Old Fashioned Inn in the Middle of Shizuoka Nature - Shizuoka’s Hidden Beauties Part 4
Hi, it's Sawaco! It's been a long time since I wrote my last article. I would like to say sorry to the readers who have been looking forward to an art
Seeing Mt. Fuji from another locale can be much more interesting than climbing up! Mt. Shakushi in Yamanashi Prefecture.
Going to Mt. Shakushi from Tokyo! I went to Mt. Shakushi, famous for its beautiful scenery of Mt. Fuji, because I was reminiscing about the beautiful
I hiked up ”Mitsutouge”, where you can get a variety of views of Mt. Fuji!(Yamanashi Pref.)
Mitsutouge is the best observation platform. I hiked up “Mt. Mitsutouge, considered one of the best Japanese mountains for autumn foliage, and got a
Relax in the 'Bath of Beauty' Hot Spring - Shizuoka’s Hidden Beauties Part 3
An extremely authentic Japanese onsen resort After looking around the Sumatakyo promenade, we decided to soak in a hot spring and relax. The Sumatak
It’s a Thrill to Make a Wish on the “Bridge of dreams”! - Shizuoka’s Hidden Beauties Part 2
The last hidden region of Oigawa. From Senzu station, covered in our previous article,  you can jump on the tram bound for Sumatakyo Onsen, which d
Time Travel aboard an Old Japanese Locomotive! - Shizuoka’s Hidden Beauties Part 1
How to get there First, take the Shinkansen to Shizuoka city ; it takes 1 hour by train from Tokyo. From there it will take you an additional 30
It’s a work of art created by wind and waves! The mysterious heart-shaped sea cave ”Ryugu Sea Cave” has a skylight that allows natural sunlight to shine in.
You can hear the sounds of the waves. Does it look like Porco’s hideout from the Japanese anime film, “Porco Rosso?” “Ryugu Sea Cave” is a natura
From mother to daughter. "Hina no Tsurushi Kazari" is decoratively stringing up handmade dolls to wish for a daughter’s health and happiness.
Those who are not wealthy also wish for the healthy development of their daughters. The ancient tradition of "Hina no Tsurushi Kazari" originated
【BEST VIEW】Mt. Fuji and the Ocean as viewed from Azumayama Park, near Hakone
A great stop on your way to Hakone If you are visiting Japan in February and planning to go to Hakone, make sure to stop by Azumayama Park. Canola
【WINTER】The Kawazu River, where to See Japanese Cherry Blossoms in Winter
What are Kawazu Cherry Blossoms? Many think of the  Japanese spring when talking about "cherry blossoms". But did you know there is a  kind of cherry
The waterfall “Deai-daki” in Izu Peninsula brings you true love!?
Let’s walk around the beautiful waterfall area of ”Kawazu-Nanadaru,” found in a popular volcanic locale. Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka Prefecture is