Things to do in Okinawa, Japan

Tadaima Japan presents: Recommended destinations for a day trip to the Southern part of Okinawa!
The best destinations to visit for a look at Southern Okinawa, in a day! Japan is known as a very small country. Its Island of Okinawa is tiny, but c
50 min from Naha by speedboat! Let’s go to Zamami Island and enjoy many different types of water sports!
It’s easily accessible and has a beautiful beach! To get to Zamami Island, you can take either the speedboat called Kosokusen-Zamami for 50 minutes
Charlie Tacos
“Charlie's Tacos”, the first taco shop in Okinawa.
The pioneer of tacos in Okinawa, open since 1956! Famous Okinawa food includes rafutee, soki soba noodles, and other stir-fried dishes that use pork
Cape hedo rocky area
The northernmost cape in Okinawa, Cape Hedo. The rough waves will make you feel the power of nature.
Cape Hedo is located in the northernmost part of mainland Okinawa. The rough waves and grave-like rocks take form. You might imagine a relaxed Is
The Utopia in Okinawa Where Nature Captures Visitors' Hearts
The Utopia Where Japanese Gods of Nature Dwells It is sure that countries - weather one has vast land or not - have a variety of cultural and geograp
okinawa, kyoda
Why not take a long rest "Kyoda", Japan’s best wayside rest area.
Japan’s new sightseeing spot. We have introduced many places to sightsee in Japan, but this might be a relatively new place that is unique to Japan
Nakijin castle
Nakijin Castle, where a sense of ancient Okinawa can be felt
It was designated as one of the “Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu” in 2000. Nakijin Castle is proud of its vast groun
the sea
You can easily access the Okinawan Island, Kourijima, by car.
Let’s drop by an isolated Island! If you are thinking to yourself, “I’d love to go to an isolated Island, but don’t want to risk seasickness on a
Chinuman entrance
Good Okinawan food comes with great sake and a show! Chinuman, the Okinawan restaurant is a must visit.
Taste fresh seafood and Okinawa’s best sake! Okinawan restaurant, Chinuman is a chain restaurant that is open at 8 locations in Okinawa. The entran
market entrance
Featured article: Visiting the entertaining market of “Makishi-Kosetsu-Ichiba,” where so many rare Okinawan foods are sold!
It used to be a black market. Makishi-Kosetsu-Ichiba is a 10 min walk from Naha-city’s Miebashi station. Local people have cherished it as their ‘k
Featured article: Pray at the UNESCO World Heritage site Sefa-utaki, inherited from Ryukyu Kingdom.
What is Sefa Utaki? Sefa-utaki is in Nangi city, Okinawa. Utaki is a sacred space that surrounds the Nansei Islands. Sefa-utaki is said to be the
cat walking the street
A pilgrimage to “Kudakajima Island” in Okinawa, said to be the closest to Niraikanai, a paradise across the ocean.
20 minutes away from mainland Okinawa by ferry, it’s where Okinawa starts. Kudakajima Island is a 7.75 km long flat Island floating 5km from Ch
Featured articles on Okinawa: Exploring the Valley of Gangala! Let’s enjoy some time in a large cave and experience the vast and ancient nature of Okinawa.
What is the Valley of Gangala? The valley of Gangala is located 30 min from the city of Naha and Naha Airport by car. There are other great pla
Another ‘side’ of Hateruma Island can be seen from "Takanazaki" Point
Feel the kindness and harshness of nature. Having previously introduced Hateruma Island’s beautiful beach, I actually have more recommendations f
Let's go to Japan's southernmost Island Hateruma. It’s where the beautiful “Hateruma blue”sparkles!
Nishihama Beach, the greatest attraction on Hateruma Island Look at the blue sky, white sand, and sparkling emerald green sea with all of its bre