Things to do in Saitama, Japan

The Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park: Nature and Hiking at Tokyo’s Doorstep
The Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park, located just West of Tokyo, is a vast recreational area for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. Although hiking is
Kawagoe: A one-day trip
Take a trip to the Edo period. Kawagoe City!
Most of the old Japanese scenery was burned to the ground during WWII, which makes Kawagoe valuable as one of the only cities to have maintained its h
Take your sweet time in Kawagoe Candy Alley!
Kawagoe Candy Alley has maintained more than twenty of its retro confectionery stores since the Meiji period. Cheap, colorful, and delicious sweets li
Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine
Experience the Edo period, one hour from Tokyo!
Do you have a little extra time during your visit to Tokyo? Looking for a place to immerse yourself in Japanese landscapes, but don’t have enough ti
Kannako Dam
Shimokubo Dam in Saitama Prefecture, where you can view the beautiful winter cherry blossoms and autumn foliage.
If you like nature, visit Shimokubo Dam! Most of the land in Japan is very mountainous and electricity is primarily generated by water. There are m
A festival for the secret date between the God of Mount Bukō and Myoken Bosatsu, “Chichibu-Yo matsuri”.(Saitama Pref.)(MOVIE) The highlight is Kasaboko-lifting, held on the 3rd night. “Chichibu-Yo Matsuri” is a regular rite of autumn and festiva
A Koedo street.
Strolling around Kawagoe’s retro “Koedo”, featured in the anime, “Kamisama Kiss”!
Kawagoe’s appeal is its warehouse style architecture! Many of you have heard the word “edo”. As you know it refers to a period between 1603〜1868
The Kawagoe Festival
Kawagoe, a town of beautiful storehouses, holds it’s annual festival for two magical, glittering days! "The Kawagoe Festival" (Saitama)【MOVIE】 The Kawagoe Festival is held on the third weekend in October each year in the city of Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture Known
On the day of Boy’s Festival, why not give the doll, Kakinuma Ningyo to your precious boys?
The history of Koshigaya, Saitama Prefecture and Kimekomi dolls. Kimekomi dolls are said to have started in Kyoto around 270 years ago between 17
The roots of ”hina-ningyo” (Kakinuma Ningyo Pt. 1)
Among the many seasonal enjoyments of Japan is a festival on the 3rd of March known as the “momo-no-sekku.” This is a festival to pray for the healt
Start from Mitsumine Shrine! Let’s hike up “Myohoga-dake” mountain, full of spiritual energy that cleanses your mind and body.
Why not hike up the mountain after visiting Mitsumine Shrine? We had previously introduced the Mitsumine Shrine in Chichibu. If you have time, we
On February 3rd, Chase the demons away by throwing beans! Gomottomo sama’s “Setsubun” Festival at Mitsumine Shrine.
Setsubun is a bean-throwing event held at the beginning of spring to chase out ogres. Every year, Japan welcomes “Setsubun” on February 3rd. Sets
Let’s find the hidden “Dust bunnies” at a century old cultural asset in Saitama Prefecture!
I went to “Kurosuke’s house” in Tokorozawa city in Saitama Prefecture operated by the Totoro Fund. “Kurosuke,” or Dust bunny is the character a
Ogawa city, Saitama Prefecture is home of ”Japanese paper,” registered as intangible cultural assets.
“Japanese paper” is registered as intangible cultural heritage for its thinness, strength, and beauty. On November 27th, 3 types of Japanese pape
A must-see for anyone who loves large buildings! What is this underground shrine that protects the city, “The Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel”!?
Large underground facility that protects the city from water hazards brought on by typhoons and rain. What is this big space!? "The Metropolitan