Things to do in Shimane, Japan

Don’t know where to visit in Matsue? Just go everywhere!
Matsue City, dubbed as both the “Land of the Gods” and “Venetia of Japan”, has such deep history and beautiful scenery that it is almost impossible to
Kamosu Shrine, where all the Shinto Gods meet once a year!
Have a breathtaking, mystical experience at Kamosu Shrine! This shrine is known to be older than Izumo Shrine by over 400 years. All the Japanese gods
A ‘must-do’ when you visit Matsue: Japanese tea ceremonies
Experiencing Japanese culture can be costly at times, but there is no way you can leave Matsue without experiencing sado, or Japanese tea ceremony! Le
Sunset on lake Shinji
Let the rays of the beautiful sunset over Lake Shinji seep into your skin!
Lake Shinji at Matsue city offers everything from beautiful sun rays to Japanese tea ceremonies; Beautiful Japan is everywhere around this lake!
Tsukudaya, an old Japanese guest house on Oki Island, Shimane Prefecture.
A 120-year-old house converted into a guesthouse Tsukudaya used to be the home of a village leader. It was reformed into a guesthouse and was dif
Yaegaki Shrine
A sacred place for matchmaking. Let’s pray at Yaegaki Shrine in Shimane Prefecture!
The god of matchmaking. Have you ever heard of “Yamata-no-Orochi”, the god that appears in Japanese mythology? There’s a story of a large 8-headed
Karakama Shrine
You have to pass through a 40 centimeter gap to get to the mysterious, Karakama Shrine in Izumo!
A Mysterious energy around the approach. The approach is near Gakuenji, famous for its autumn foliage. We found a parking area after passing the ma
Japanese mythologies vol. 3 The land pulling myth of “Kunibiki-shinwa”
The myth of “Kunibiki-shinwa” that describes the beginning of “Izumo no kuni fudoki,” (Topography of Izumo Province) is a magnificent nonfictional d
Japanese mythologies vol. 2 The myth of“Kuni-yuzuri-shinwa”(国譲り神話)
Izumo, the origin of Japan where important rituals are held. Once upon a time the god Okuninushi-no-kami ruled the land of Izumo, but the sun God Ama
Japanese mythologies vol.1 The incident of “Yamata-no-Orochi”
What dragon attacks the land of Izumo? “Kojiki” is the oldest history book in Japan that was dedicated by “O-No-Ason-Yasumaro” in 712. All the impo
izumo-taisya trees
A recommended route for touring Izumo Vol.2 A route to seek the mystical energy that dwells in big trees.
It is said that spirits dwell in trees. Trees over a thousand years old, in two different locations are full of mystical energy! Location A Izumo
A recommended route for touring Izumo Vol.1 Make a good match by visiting a place thought to be, flowing with mystical energy.
There are many locations in Izumo thought to be flowing with mystical energy. Why not visit Izumo when you want more energy, power and motivation to s
The way to pray at Izumo-taisha Shrine
The way to pray at Izumo-taisha Shrine. Let’s enter the ancient world.
Izumo-taisha shrine has over 2million visitors annually. Today, I’d like to introduce the proper procedures for praying that might not be familiar to
God is in the sky and gathered at Izumo-taisha Shrine, where ancient times and contemporary times cross.
Izumo is a land for Gods. Izumo-taisha shrine stands there as a landmark of the area. In the holy precincts in front of Mt. Yakumoyama, the atmosphere
Make your first visit to “Izumo Taisha Shrine,” the location of Japan’s most famous matchmaking God
The oldest Shrine in Japan. Okuni-nishi-no kami is a deity of matchmaking and is enshrined at Izumo Taisha Shrine. Its establishment is