Things to do in Tohoku, Japan

1200 beautiful cherry blossom trees lined up along the clear stream of the Shiroishigawa River 
Snow covered Mt. Zao and an 8km long tunnel. Around the time when Tokyo’s cherry blossom trees have finished blossoming, the cherry blossom trees of
Iwate’s old “Rock-breaking cherry tree” that blooms out of a cracked rock
The 360 year old Edohiganzakura (cherry blossom tree) grows through the cracks of a huge stone and blooms its flowers. Tokyo is now in the middle of
Cherry blossom trees will represent protection against natural disasters, an idea from the non-profit organization, The Sakura Line 311.
The Sakura Line 311 will plant Sakura trees at points where the tsunami reached furthest inland. They will be handed down to future generation
”Tsuruga Castle”, the Impregnable Castle That Withstood Enemy Attacks for One Month
The Symbol of Aizuwakamatsu Since Around 630 Years Ago Tsuruga Castle, which is said to have been built around 630 years ago, towers over Aizuwak
”Nambu Magariya” in Iwate, the home of traditional farms and lovers of horses
Where people and horses live under the same roof Iwate, located in the Tohoku district, has always been filled with farms and has been famous for
Time travel to the old postal town of “Ouchi-juku.” The best way to experience Japan’s older atmosphere!
Time warp to an old post town where Daimyo (feudal lords) had stayed. Ouchi-juku, nestled among soaring mountains, lies along the Aizu We