Things to do in Tokyo, Japan

Founded 230 years ago. "The oldest cheap sweets-store in Japan", loved by many from children to adults
Built in the middle of the Tokyo, it has an old-fashioned, retro scenery In your country, is there small, cheap candy meant for children? In Japan
I recently visited “ART AQUARIUM”, where live goldfish dance about artistically within a world of light and images!
This is underwater art through which you can cool off and experience the beauty of Japan with all five senses. For over 400 years goldfish have a
“Sanja Matsuri”, a festival with over 1300 years of history celebrated in Tokyo’s famous Asakusa district.
Asakusa’s 3 most popular days of the year when people get crazy! When asked, “What’s the most popular sightseeing area in Tokyo,” the common
Do you know ‘Asakusa Shrine’ ?
The Shrine Next To A Temple Located in Tokyo’s Asakusa district is the famous Senso Temple (Senso-ji) and what most people might not be aware
A Trip Into Space From Japan’s TeNQ Space Museum
Enjoy Simulated Space Travel from Japan’s Latest Technology! Opened on July 8, 2014 in the Tokyo Dome, the TeNQ (ten-que) Space Museum is an
The Shibuya District of Tokyo
【Photo by Yuri Suzuki】 The Scramble crossing that Allows for up to 3000 people at a time The Shibuya District in Tokyo is known as one of the
A Journey on the Local Bus
Let’s get on the local bus and go downtown! In Japan, the bus is one of the major modes of transportation along with subways, railways, and o
The pancake trend amongst young Japanese girls A recent trend in Japan involves the infatuation with pancakes among young Japanese girls beca
Dating at Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport)
Haneda Airport is the International entrance into Japan and is also a good dating spot. Opened in 1931, Haneda Airport is the largest airport
The Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum
30 buildings that have high cultural value The Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum was established in 1993 and includes 30 buildings tha