Things to do in Yamanashi, Japan

The Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park: Nature and Hiking at Tokyo’s Doorstep
The Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park, located just West of Tokyo, is a vast recreational area for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. Although hiking is
Mt. Fuji
Grab an English map and have a look at the stylish, retro restaurants at the foot of Mt. Fuji!
The hidden restaurants and bars that you don’t know about, are here! There are many great Japanese restaurants such as yakitori, sushi, soba, and e
Seeing Mt. Fuji from another locale can be much more interesting than climbing up! Mt. Shakushi in Yamanashi Prefecture.
Going to Mt. Shakushi from Tokyo! I went to Mt. Shakushi, famous for its beautiful scenery of Mt. Fuji, because I was reminiscing about the beautiful
I hiked up ”Mitsutouge”, where you can get a variety of views of Mt. Fuji!(Yamanashi Pref.)
Mitsutouge is the best observation platform. I hiked up “Mt. Mitsutouge, considered one of the best Japanese mountains for autumn foliage, and got a
An authentic rice planting ceremony will be held next to Mt.Fuji!
The season for planting rice has come! It’s already the season for planting rice in Japan. Already famously known, Japanese people live on rice and
You can taste more than 200 kinds of wine! Let’s go on a winery tour in "Katsunuma" to find your favorite wine!
You can’t help but to drink it! Katsunuma is famous as a winemaking region From Shinjuku station, we took the Express Kaiji and l
“Nishizawa Canyon”a Healing Canyon Abundant in Negative Ions
Nishizawa Canyon, one of the most magnificent canyons in Japan t is located in Yamanashi City, in the northern part of Yamanashi Prefecture, and
Oshino-Hakkai (snow-melted water from Mt. Fuji)
The eight spring water ponds of Oshino village. Oshino village is located between Lake Yamanaka and Fuji Yoshida city in the northern part o