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I’m from Mie Prefecture, and a big fan of Yomiuri Giants, Japanese baseball team! I rarely stay at home every weekend, and love to go outside. I feel Japanese locals and the world will be connected soon! I’m trying to make a fun world!


Halal meat, vegan food, and an allergy aware menu at Asakusa’s SEKAI CAFE.
【CONTENTS】 So why is this cafe so popular with international customers? A cleverly designed menu. Fresh vegetables with a moreish flavor
Ise Grand Shrine
8 Things you Should Know about Correct Manners before Visiting Ise Grand Shrine
Hatsu, from Mie Prefecture, will present local information about the Ise-Shima area. The God of the Ise Grand Shrine shrine has been enshrined here fo
Osaka expo’s symbol and monorail
It might take 3 days to see everything at EXPOCITY.
The Expo Park is a great place to see cherry blossoms! It looks like a carpet of cherry blossoms! The Expo in 1970 started in April and was held fo
Yaegaki Shrine
Yaegaki Shrine near Matsue City: A sacred place for to Pray for Love
Why do people pray for love at Yaegaki Shrine? In Japanese legends there’s a story of a large 8-headed snake, Yamata-no-Orochi, a goddess, Kushinad
Matsumoto Castle
A Glimpse at Matsumoto Castle: the "Crow Castle" was built to win gun battles
A few facts The oldest castle tower in Japan has 5 tiers and 6 floors, and has been preserved in its current state for 400 years. This black castle
The Samurai show
A Report of Nagoya 'Bushotai' Group, the Samurai Show on Stage
Asakusa is a popular destination for foreign tourists, because of its traditional Japanese culture. Nagoya’s samurai show was exceptionally held in To
Where to Eat Conger Eel in Miyajima: “Anago Meshi Ueno” is a Locals' Favorite
A place loved by the locals “Anago Meshi Ueno” restaurant is easy to find: it's in front of the ferry port that takes you to Miyajima. We went there
Mt. Misen
A Spiritual Hike on Miyajima Island's Mt. Misen
A place filled with mystical energy Itsukushima Shrine is considered one of the best three sceneries in Japan and is designated as a world heritag
Micchan okonomiyaki
The most famous okonomiyaki shop in Hiroshima, ”Micchan”, is loved by local people.
Let’s go there when it opens! The most famous okonomiyaki shop, Micchan, is in Hiroshima and we were told by local people that it’s very good. The
A real samurai battle right before your eyes.“Soma-Nomaoi”, a cavalry battle!(MOVIE)
https://youtu.be/EdHa-2IYOc8 The 1000 year-long tradition of“Soma-Nomaoi” July and August are the two months in Japan when most festivals are held.
Make your first visit to “Izumo Taisha Shrine,” the location of Japan’s most famous matchmaking God
The oldest Shrine in Japan. Okuni-nishi-no kami is a deity of matchmaking and is enshrined at Izumo Taisha Shrine. Its establishment is
Grill your own Japanese Oysters on the Way back from Ise Grand Shrine
Enhance your travel to Ise by visiting a place that is still secret from many tourists.


A full guide to ‘Your name’ real-life locations in Yotsuya (Part 1)
Did you know that most Tokyo locations that can be seen in ‘You name’ are real places that you can visit and are easily covered by foot? In the firs