[GINZA, Tokyo]New Tea Ceremony Room “GINZA CHAZEN” to Open on Oct. 8 for Foreign Tourists
New Tea Ceremony Room "GINZA CHAZEN" to Open on Oct. 8 for Foreign Tourists TOKYO, Oct. 5, 2015 CHAZEN & Co. CHAZEN & Co. will open a new tea cerem
The couple in Yukata.
【SUMMER】How to enjoy “Yukata” in Japan
Yukata is a typical kind of Kimono, worn during the summer. It used to be called yukata-bira, which were an undergarment noble people in the Heian per
【SUMMER】You too can experience Bon-Odori, the traditional dances of the Japanese summer.
Bon-odori can be seen everywhere during summer! Learn more about this tradition and where to see the 3 greatest bon dances festivals.
The hotel, Kyoyo which has Onsen
Making memories by creating your own Raku ware at the hot spring hotel, “Koyo” in Yamagata Prefecture.
Nothing beats this hot spring for beauty! The hot spring hotel “Koyo” was opened in 1951 in Kaminoyama city, Yamagata Prefecture. As a woman, I vis
”Umikaze Horse Farm” : A Place Where You Can Experience Horse Riding With Unique Yonaguni Horses
Information provided by Nanjo City. Map 290 Oyakebara, Tamashiro, Nanjyo-city, Okinawa Pref.
Let's Get Yourself into the JUNGLE! Canoeing in Ishigaki Island
Information provided by Ishigaki city's tourism department. Map 1050-1 Miyara Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa
My experience of aizome, dying Japan Blue
Indigo, nicknamed Japan Blue, is an important color in Japanese culture. This is why I decided to visit Wanariya, a shop that allows visitors to make
You can go boating right in the middle of Tokyo!
It’s Tokyo’s Oasis where you want to visit on a sunny day 1 minute walk from JR Iidabashi station, “CANAL CAFE” is located alongside t
”Kimekomi dolls,” the wooden dolls with beautifully pleated Japanese costumes.
These Japanese dolls are dressed in really beautiful Kimonos. Do you know how to put clothes on them? These are called “Kimekomi dolls,” which
An alternative to sightseeing: A weekend farming experience at ”Yoshioka Farm” in Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture.
Find Japan by digging deep in the ground! What would you expect while sightseeing in Japan? Good food, beautiful nature, crazy i
The amazingly, lifelike “Kiryu Mechanical Doll Show.” Come and watch traditional mechanical dolls performing right in front of your eyes.
Our mechanical dolls are so expressive that you would almost think they are alive. We present a variety of stories for your enjoyment. < p class
Purify your mind at a Zen temple: A stay at Rokuo-in
Our temple offers accommodation exclusively for women, so you can feel comfortable staying even on your own. Rokuo-in is located near Togetsu-kyo