Bars & Restaurants

A Tea Store in the Forest: “Rakusui”
Information provided by Nanjo City. Map 19-1,Tamagusuku aza Tamagusuku, Nanjo City, Okinawa Pref.
Popular Iranian/Japanese ramen in Koenji at Bia Bia restaurant
A ramen shop that’s popular among women and children. Bia Bia is about a 1 min walk from the Higashi-koenji station on Tokyo’s metro Marunouchi line.
Nanjo City Beloved Local Restaurant: ”Charlie's”
Information provided by Nanjo City. Map 28 Oyakebaru, Tamagusuku, Nanjyo-city, Okinawa Pref.
sore nakijin
”Sore”: Nakizinson village's station Where The Mothers of Japan Are Always Ready to Welcome Visitors
Provided by Nakijinson village. Map 157 Tamashiro Nakijin-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa Pref.
inside the shop
Take a break at a 120-year-old house. “Chadokoro-China” is where you can taste Okinawan cuisine.
A 120-year-old one-storied house that has been renovated and changed to a restaurant. “Chadokoro-China” is in Itomanshi, located in the south
Charlie Tacos
“Charlie's Tacos”, the first taco shop in Okinawa.
The pioneer of tacos in Okinawa, open since 1956! Famous Okinawa food includes rafutee, soki soba noodles, and other stir-fried dishes that use pork
Please Try “Kaisendon,” a sashimi rice bowl full of Hokkaido’s seafood!
The Landmark of Sapporo City Every morning, fresh vegetables, fruits, and fish are sold at the Sapporo City Wholesale Market. Next to the market,
Chinuman entrance
Good Okinawan food comes with great sake and a show! Chinuman, the Okinawan restaurant is a must visit.
Taste fresh seafood and Okinawa’s best sake! Okinawan restaurant, Chinuman is a chain restaurant that is open at 8 locations in Okinawa. The entran