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You can taste more than 200 kinds of wine! Let’s go on a winery tour in "Katsunuma" to find your favorite wine!
You can’t help but to drink it! Katsunuma is famous as a winemaking region From Shinjuku station, we took the Express Kaiji and l
”An organic café” in Isumi City, Chiba Prefecture.
Hello everyone, There is a really nice café in Isumi City, Chiba Prefecture. It’s called the “Rice Terrace Cafe” and is located in the community ar
An old Japanese house with a coffee shop. Let’s find silence on hectic Omotesando Street.
300m away from Omotesando Hills, a coffee shop called “Omotesando Coffee” quietly stands. This is a coffee shop where many foreign tourists
Do you know where “Tako-yaki” paradise is in Osaka? Answer: Sankaku Park
You can fully enjoy these octopus dumplings or, “Tako-yaki” in Sankaku Park! Tako-yaki can be called the “soul food” of Osaka. It’s a cuisine th
Is this a Pet shop? No, It’s a café! “Birds Café” is catching on now!
There is good place to get in touch with lovely birds Do you have any pets? Dog? Cat? Tropical fish? Chameleon? There are so many kinds of pet