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Rice cake
Kyoto's Vegan Friendly Traditional Cake: Demachi Futaba
A traditional delicacy only available in Kyoto There are many tasty foods in Kyoto originating from Kyoto, but the rice cake from Demachi Futaba wa
hot pot
A Japanese hot pot will raise your spirits during the cold winter!
The hot pot will warm your body! Japanese people love eating the hot pot dish during the cold winter months and share it with each other over dinne
Welcome to Hakata, the town for history! Taste the best Japanese tea, Yamecha! (Fukuoka)
Hello, it’s Nagabuchi from Burabura Fukuoka ( Hakata is a historical town that has been peaceful with China for over 2000
The exit of Echigo Yuzawa station
An entertaining station where you can taste Japanese sake! “Echigo Yuzawa Station” in Niigata Prefecture
You can taste sake right at the station! “Kikizake-Koshi-no-shitsu” Echigo Yuzawa Station is where you can taste Japanese sake! In the back of Co C
A Beginner's Guide to Kakigoori (Shaved Ice), a Japanese Summer Classic Food
In this article I'd like to introduce you to shaved Ice, called 'Kakigori' in Japanese, a beloved and refreshing treat of the Japanese summer.
"Houba-zushi" is sushi wrapped in a leaf and is a local food of Yagyu village in Nara.
Wrapped sushi with a magnolia hypoleuca tree leaf What do you imagine when hearing the word “Sushi”? You may imagine a ball of rice topped with a sli
Wasanbon, Japanese sweets, wagashi
What is“Wasanbon”, the traditional Japanese sugar?
Wasanbon and the best tea cakes Wasanbon is a kind of traditional Japanese sugar that has a history of over 200 years. It is only produced in Kagawa
I had Hokkaido’s specialty, “Genghis Khan,” a Japanese mutton and vegetable dish!
Look out for the red lantern! A favorite local restaurant called “Fukuroutei” “Genghis Khan” is a shredded mutton barbeque known as the local dish
Please Try “Kaisendon,” a sashimi rice bowl full of Hokkaido’s seafood!
The Landmark of Sapporo City Every morning, fresh vegetables, fruits, and fish are sold at the Sapporo City Wholesale Market. Next to the market,
Everyone in Japan likes the Japanese soul food, Onigiri
The charming and easy to eat, Onigiri! Japanese people remember when their mothers would cook hot Onigiri for them when they were young. Onigiri is
Yakumi, condiments that give Japanese food a peculiar taste
Yakumi, it is important to the Japanese main dish Yakumi is a kind of spice that improves the taste of Japanese food and helps to work up an appe
Goboten Udon is a root vegetable cuisine that is loved by the people in Fukuoka Prefecture! Its crispy and crunchy texture is worth giving it a try!
What’s Goboten Udon? It’s Fukuoka people’s soul food. Guess what these finely shredded things are! It’s a Tempura made of the shredded root vegetable
Crab, Yellowtail, and Many More Winter Delicacies at Kanazawa's Kitchen, the ”Omicho Market!”
Let's Go to Kanazawa, Closer Than Ever With the New Shinkansen Line! On March 14th, 2015, the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line will finally be open to th
The classic donburi dish, oyakodon! People can't get enough of its syrupy texture
It's made from chicken and egg; that's why it's called "parent and child donburi" There are many dishes in Japan called "donburi", or rice bowl d
The Japanese seasoning, “Furikake” is secretly becoming popular outside of Japan and used in unexpected ways!
It goes so well with freshly steamed rice! “Furikake” is literally named after its meaning, “to sprinkle over” and is made to sprinkle over rice.