Everyday Life in Japan

Try out a public bath in Kagurazaka, a geisha district in Tokyo
Feel the nostalgia from the Edo period Kagurazaka is part of Shinjuku district, in the middle of Tokyo. Naturally, you’ll find many large chain sto
【SUMMER】Japanese Customs for June
June 1st: Koromogae (Seasonal change of clothing) Schools and companies that use uniforms change them to their summer attire. This custom has exist
【SUMMER】Be prepared for 'tsuyu', the Japanese rainy season!
The Japanese rainy season usually starts in June and lasts for about a month. Let's get ready to fight the rain!
bath time
'Ofuro,' The Japanese bath for relaxation in the bathroom
Very popular in Japanese bathrooms, the bathtub Japanese people usually take baths at night before bed, and the typical Japanese bathroom has a bat
Do you think we have more holidays than your country? Starting in 2016, we will have in total of 16 national holidays in Japan.
Next year we will have a new holiday on August 11th, called “Mountain day”. How many national holidays do you have in your country? In Japan, we’ll h
Filling the Japanese Stomach “The Rice Cooker”
The Soulmate of Japanese Food? Today, many people can find Japanese restaurants around world. Many Japanese restaurants in foreign countries speciali
【SUMMER】An insight into the Japanese and “Insects”: Do only Japanese people collect beetles as pets, and adore fireflies?
Do you fancy bugs? After the severe winter, spring has finally come! People can be seen having lunch outside in the park. Some insects are
A Family of Fingers! What do you call each finger of the hand in Japanese?
The Names in Japanese Originate from Size or Usage Sorry for the sudden question, but what is each finger of the hand called in your country? In
What is this yellow plastic wash tub called “Kerorin,” often seen in Japanese public baths?
What’s the interesting story behind Kerorin, the hidden big name in public baths? If you have ever been in a sento before, you might have seen th
"White Day," an Event for Couples Made in Japan?!
Returning the favors of Valentine’s Day We introduced what Valentine's Day is like in Japan in our last article. One month later comes March 14th
February 14th, Japanese Valentine’s Day is for the gifting of chocolate! How do you think it was started?
Japanese people give chocolate on Valentine’s Day! As you may know, Valentine ’s Day is a Christian holiday. In Western countries men give
Japanese “kusari doi” (rain chains) lure the water drops from your rooftop down to the ground in a beautiful way
Give the rainwater which falls from your roof the chance to perform for you! Have you ever seen the chain-like ornaments which can often be found
Recycling in Japan
A high awareness for recycling is beautifying our neighborhood. When I first came to Japan, something I always wondered was, "Why isn't there even
【SUMMER】Let's listen to the “voices of the insects” and enjoy Japan's rich nature and soul.
■The Japanese feel that insects, also have a “voice.” As autumn draws near, you can start to hear all kinds of insect cries in the evenings. When
Standing in Line
We stand in line, it’s not because we like doing it but this is manner Every morning in the larger cities of Japan, trains are crowded with people