Everyday Life in Japan

It's so much more than just convenient! The Japanese convenience store is always evolving.
You can buy that at a convenience store?! It's just like the food at a fancy restaurant. Desserts made by pâtissiers! Specialist coffee! What do
3 Typical Souvenirs of the Japanese Summer
Are you looking for a gift? Something not too heavy and reasonably priced? Here are three traditional objects to bring back home as souvenirs of the J
【SUMMER】Reduce the temperature by two degrees just by sprinkling water? A traditional piece of cooling wisdom.
“Uchimizu,” an environmentally friendly method for spending the hot summer more comfortably. When you travel in Japan during the summer you'll pr
【SUMMER】Radio Taiso
How about waking up early and joining a local radio exercise class to invigorate yourself? The long summer break for school children begins in Ju
【SUMMER】”Watermelon splitting”, a popular game in Japan
Can you split a watermelon with a stick blindfolded? During summers in Japan, watermelon is a favorite snack and the game of watermelon splitting
A beautiful surprise when opening a lunch box, “Chara-ben” is too pretty to eat!
it's me Mario! / MIKI Yoshihito (´・ω・) A beautiful surprise when opening a Japanese lunch box. In Japan, many children bring their lunch to sc
【SUMMER】Summer’s here and it’s time for beer! Welcome to beer gardens in Japan.
Let’s have a nice cold beer to beat the summer heat.
A Journey on the Local Bus
Let’s get on the local bus and go downtown! In Japan, the bus is one of the major modes of transportation along with subways, railways, and o
Smoking and Non-Smoking Areas
Smoking while walking in Japan is prohibited In Japan, designated smoking and non-smoking areas are located indoors as well as outdoors. Loca
Restaurant Food Models
【Photo by Yuri Suzuki】 It looks like real food! A unique Japanese custom Japanese restaurants most often will display many of their menu items
Let’s have a drink! The original Izakaya is a type of Japanese drinking establishment that provided basic hord'oeurves with its drinks. Recen
Ashiyu (The Footbath)
Ashiyu Yutabi(Niigata Pref.) Let's Restore Our Vitality Ashiyu allows visitors to enjoy a hot spring bath without removing all of their clo