How to use Japanese chopsticks the right way
Here are the do's and don't of Japanese chopsticks! Learn how to avoid making cultural mistakes while eating with Japanese people.
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It’s tradition and considered good manners to serve rice on the left side in Japan
We have specific positions for dishes served in Japan; rice is on the left and soup is on the right. Today I will introduce the position of food ser
Ise Grand Shrine
8 things you should know before visiting Ise Grand Shrine
Hatsu, from Mie Prefecture, will present local information about the Ise-Shima area. The God of the Ise Grand Shrine shrine has been enshrined here fo
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Take off your shoes when you enter a home In Japan, there is a custom where you take off the shoes you've worn outside when you enter a home. It
Recycling in Japan
A high awareness for recycling is beautifying our neighborhood. When I first came to Japan, something I always wondered was, "Why isn't there even
Standing in Line
We stand in line, it’s not because we like doing it but this is manner Every morning in the larger cities of Japan, trains are crowded with people
How to use your Japanese Folding Fan the Right Way
The different uses of the folding fan in Japanese culture Many people may think of the folding fan as something to put on the wall for decoration or
【SUMMER】Ochugen, The gift of summer
Japanese custom calls for the giving of gifts twice a year to someone who is taking care of you. This duty is performed once in the summertime, call
Escalator etiquette in Japan
The mysterious escalator etiquette of Japan The golden rule of escalator etiquette in the Tokyo area is that persons who ‘stand’ on the escal