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Red spider lilies
【AUTUMN】Ohigan, the little know tradition of visiting the graves
Read about this typical celebration for the dead, a unique mix of Buddhism and Japanese Shintosim.
”Okakae-Jizo”, the stone image of Jizo to hold and pray with.(Hiroshima)
I found the sign for Okakae-Jizo! While walking down the street of Takehara city, I found the information for the stone image of Okakae-Jizo. It sa
【AUTUMN】How to Enjoy the “Chrysanthemum Festival” on September 9th
The September 9th and the chrysanthemum flowers are said to bring good luck. Here is why.
second half of September.
【AUTUMN】The Best Japanese Festivals for the Second Half of September 2018
Horse riding archery, demonstrations of manhood or traditional costumes and dances; what's best?
【SUMMER】The Japanese Tradition of Visiting the Ancestors' Graves during 'Obon'
'Hakai-mairi', or 'visiting the grave' is one of the familial important events during summer. Here is how Japanese people pay their respects to their
Okinawa Eisaa Matsuri
【AUTUMN】The Best Japanese Festivals for the First Half of September 2018
From Nagano to Okinawa, here are the best events in Japan for September!
Fuji Kawaguchi-ko Tourou-nagashi
【SUMMER】The best Japanese festivals for the second half of August 2018: join the locals in the celebrations for their ancestors.
Join the Japanese people in their spiritual celebrations celebrating the ancestors.
Aomori’s Nebuta Matsuri
【SUMMER】The best Japanese festivals for the first half of August 2018: enjoy the Summer in Northeast Japan !
Here is our selection of the best Japanese festival for August 1st- August 15th. A good opportunity to visit the Northeast of Japan!
Gyōki statue in front of Nara station
A famous meeting point at Kintetsu Nara station: The statue of “Gyōki”
What’s this statue? Who’s this monk? A statue of a monk stands in front of a small fountain near the kintetsu Nara station. Local people know this
Why is the “Nachi-no- Ōgi matsuri” held?(MOVIE)
A Shinto ritual held at the Nachi Falls and the Kumano Nachi Taisha to welcome the Kumano gods home. In the region of Kumano, the religious sites o
Ema for praying for success at school
How to write on the wooden plaque called 'Ema' and send your wishes to the Shinto gods.
Sending your wishes to the spirits If you have ever visited a Shinto religion shrine, you may have noticed these small wooden boards hanging. They
【SUMMER】Recommended events for the second half of June!
Friday, 19th June: “Ishigaki-shi Haryusen Taikai” in Ishigaki city, Okinawa This is a traditional festival where fishermen compete in a boat race o
【WINTER】Japan’s New Year “Oshogatsu” is to welcome the God Toshigami-sama, who brings abundance and happiness to each family.
Oshogatsu is to welcome the deity, Toshigami-sama. What is Oshogatsu? In Japan, the Toshigami-sama deity comes to each family and promises abundance
【SUMMER】7 Japanese traditions for "Obon", honoring the spirits of the ancestors
Very much like the New Year, Obon is a very important familial event in Japan. Here are a few customs you may observe during this period.
Why doesn't Dharma have any limbs? Long, long ago, a great monk from India named Saint Dharma introduced Buddhism to China. Wanting to keep t