Seasonal Activities

【AUTUMN】Customs for October
Sunday, October 1st, 2017: Seasonal change of clothing This custom started around the 8th Century as a nobles custom. seasonal change of clothing.
Red spider lilies
【AUTUMN】Ohigan, the little know tradition of visiting the graves
Read about this typical celebration for the dead, a unique mix of Buddhism and Japanese Shintosim.
Stewed eggplant
【AUTUMN】The autumn vegetable, eggplant is too good to tell anybody about!!
Now is the season for eggplant! Autumn has come to Japan and as it gets cooler summer appetites become larger. In addition to this, autumn is a fru
【AUTUMN】How to Enjoy the “Chrysanthemum Festival” on September 9th
The September 9th and the chrysanthemum flowers are said to bring good luck. Here is why.
Customs for September
【AUTUMN】Japanese Customs for September
Sat, 1 September: Disaster prevention day Disaster prevention day (防災の日, bousai no hi in Japanese), was established to raise awareness for disasters
【AUTUMN】The Meguro Sanma Festival 2018
Get a taste of the most popular autumn fish for free!
second half of September.
【AUTUMN】The Best Japanese Festivals for the Second Half of September 2018
Horse riding archery, demonstrations of manhood or traditional costumes and dances; what's best?
The couple in Yukata.
【SUMMER】How to enjoy “Yukata” in Japan
Yukata is a typical kind of Kimono, worn during the summer. It used to be called yukata-bira, which were an undergarment noble people in the Heian per
【SUMMER】You too can experience Bon-Odori, the traditional dances of the Japanese summer.
Bon-odori can be seen everywhere during summer! Learn more about this tradition and where to see the 3 greatest bon dances festivals.
morning glory
【SUMMER】Let’s see the Japanese “morning glory”, the beloved flower of summer!
The beloved flower of summer, the Morning Glory What kind of flowers bloom in your country during the summer? Japan is now in the middle of its sum
【SUMMER】The Japanese Tradition of Visiting the Ancestors' Graves during 'Obon'
'Hakai-mairi', or 'visiting the grave' is one of the familial important events during summer. Here is how Japanese people pay their respects to their
Okinawa Eisaa Matsuri
【AUTUMN】The Best Japanese Festivals for the First Half of September 2018
From Nagano to Okinawa, here are the best events in Japan for September!
【SUMMER】Sparklers, the Beauty of Fireworks in your Hands
Enjoy the summer with your friends and family with handheld fireworks. There are many fireworks festivals throughout Japan, but  did you know you c
Fuji Kawaguchi-ko Tourou-nagashi
【SUMMER】The best Japanese festivals for the second half of August 2018: join the locals in the celebrations for their ancestors.
Join the Japanese people in their spiritual celebrations celebrating the ancestors.
【SUMMER】The Japanese Customs for August
Sat, 1st August: Hassaku This old custom is also called “Ta-no-mi-no-sekku”and it's for giving the first ears of rice to those who take care of you