Food & Specialties

Where can you buy food in Tokyo, other than at convenience stores and supermarkets? Ready-to-Eat meals sold at Depachika!
During your travels in Japan, you may go to convenience stores and grab everyday, convenient food. Their foods are easy, tasty, and cheap. However, if
Let’s see how Monjayaki is cooked!
Monjayaki is Japanese food that is eaten in the Tokyo Shitamachi area. Cooking this food on a hot iron plate and eating with a group of people can be
Exclusive street food, let’s try it out at a festival!
Takoyaki is a must eat! Takoyaki is a piece of octopus deep fried, in a salty batter. You eat them with green seaweed, red ginger, and dried bonito f
Rice cake
The very delicious and vegetarian-friendly "Demachi Futaba” rice cake, available only in Kyoto.
These fresh and tasty rice cakes are only available in Kyoto! There are many tasty foods in Kyoto; Kyoto Obanzai, Kyo-dsuke, famous Kyoto pickles,
hot pot
【WINTER】A Japanese hot pot will raise your spirits during the cold winter!
The hot pot will warm your body! Japanese people love eating the hot pot dish during the cold winter months and share it with each other over dinne
【AUTUMN】 “Matsutake”, the king of mushrooms!
An autumnal food What kind of mushrooms do you usually eat in your country? Even if you've never visited Japan, you probably have already heard or
Stewed eggplant
【AUTUMN】The autumn vegetable, eggplant is too good to tell anybody about!!
Now is the season for eggplant! Autumn has come to Japan and as it gets cooler summer appetites become larger. In addition to this, autumn is a fru
【AUTUMN】The Meguro Sanma Festival 2018
Get a taste of the most popular autumn fish for free!
Welcome to Hakata, the town for history! Taste the best Japanese tea, Yamecha! (Fukuoka)
Hello, it’s Nagabuchi from Burabura Fukuoka ( Hakata is a historical town that has been peaceful with China for over 2000
Tadaima Japan presents: Recommended destinations for a day trip in Osaka on an “Eating Tour”
Eat good food in Osaka! Osaka is the town for eating! We’ll recommend a route where you can enjoy the atmosphere of each place with people who’ll fil
【SUMMER】A beginner's guide to Kakigoori (Shaved Ice), a Japanese Summer Classic Food
In this article I'd like to introduce you to shaved Ice, called 'Kakigori' in Japanese, a beloved and refreshing treat of the Japanese summer.
Pork cutlets and vegetable slewers
Try Osaka’s specialty,“Kushikatsu,”skewered pork cutlets at Darma restaurant!
Darma is where kushikatsu originated. Kushikatsu is a dish made of skewered deep fried pork cutlet and vegetables. This simple cuisine was created
"Houba-zushi" is sushi wrapped in a leaf and is a local food of Yagyu village in Nara.
Wrapped sushi with a magnolia hypoleuca tree leaf What do you imagine when hearing the word “Sushi”? You may imagine a ball of rice topped with a sli
Wasanbon, Japanese sweets, wagashi
What is“Wasanbon”, the traditional Japanese sugar?
Wasanbon and the best tea cakes Wasanbon is a kind of traditional Japanese sugar that has a history of over 200 years. It is only produced in Kagawa
I had Hokkaido’s specialty, “Genghis Khan,” a Japanese mutton and vegetable dish!
Look out for the red lantern! A favorite local restaurant called “Fukuroutei” “Genghis Khan” is a shredded mutton barbeque known as the local dish