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How to enjoy delicious “Oysters” in Mie Prefecture!
Do you want to eat your fill of Oysters? Then, let’s go to Toba-city in Mie Pref. In Uramura, Toba-city in Mie Prefecture, the beautiful coastlin
【AUTUMN】“Dried persimmons,” delicious dry fruits typical of the Japanese fall
Persimmons are a gift from the heavens that can be used in many ways What kind of dried fruits do you eat in your country? "Persimmon" ("kaki," i
“Oden,” representative dish of the kind of foods that we want to eat when it is cold
Oden is the staple dish of the cold winter Autumn is now getting deeper in Japan, and the winter season is just around the corner. "Oden" could b
In search of the history of “Toruko(Turkish) rice”, a Western dish that took hold together with Western culture.
“Toruko rice”, born in Nagasaki, the window to Western culture in Japan. Nagasaki, widely known as the city that was among the first to bring Wes
You may only be able to taste this in Japan!? “Tamago kake gohan” (egg on rice) with fresh eggs
Easy! Yummy! Fresh raw eggs are the perfect topping for white rice! Rice is the principal food in the Japanese diet, so there are many side dish
How would you like to try "Nagasaki Champon", a local noodle dish from Nagasaki whose name means, "to mix"?
It is cheap and highly nutritious! This local dish was developed from Chinese cuisine. There was a time period called "Sakoku" (literally meanin
Please try it if you don’t like raw fish, “Namero,” the local food of Chiba
Let’s try Namero and conquer your dislike of raw fish! Some people don’t like raw fish even though they like Japanese food. We have one food we
The secret to delicious rice is in the history, lifestyle, nature and wisdom of Japan
Rice is the staple of the Japanese diet and is loved by everyone! Rice has been grown in Japan since the Jomon era (approximately 3000 years ago)
You should try “Kushikatsu,” a special food of Osaka with a golden rule.
Unique foods of Osaka are not only “Takoyaki” and “Okonomiyaki”… Kushikatsu is also one of the many special foods of Osaka. It’s a prepared with
Cooking on a roof tile?! Have a taste of “Kawara Soba,” a Yamaguchi Prefecture specialty
This weird cooking technique was born in battle In the City of Shimonoseki, in Yamaguchi Prefecture, there is a local cuisine called kawara soba. It
“Hakari-me-Don,” The best eel of Japan and a well-known product of Futtsu city, Chiba prefecture, caught in Tokyo Bay.
“Edomae-anago (conger)” is loved by the people who were born in Edo (Tokyo) Most Japanese would say that the answer is eel if you ask them which
Why you should eat fugu in Shimonoseki
Why it's ok to eat fugu and why you should do it in Shimonoseki!
They go well with alcohol and with sweets – the healthy “edamame” (green soybeans)!
“Beer and edamame” are the quintessential combination of the Japanese summer. Can you find "edamame" in Japanese restaurants in your country? "Eda
“Niku-jaga”, The flavor of a Japanese Mother’s cooking.
If you can cook this, you’ll be very popular among Japanese men. Niku-jaga, which literally means meat and potatoes, is a standard dish in Japan
“Hitsumabushi”, A local eel dish of Nagoya city eaten in 3 different steps
Recommended for the hot summer! Become a master on Japan through Nagoya's local specialties! Hitsumabushi is grilled eel served over rice and one