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How to order and eat Tsukemen
Have you ever been to Tsukemen shop before? It seems a little bit difficult for beginners to order and eat Tsukemen at noodle restaurant. I'll intro
Okinawa_Niraikanai bridge
Travel around in Japan by comparing prices and reserving a car with, Tabirai Japan Car Rental.
You’ll be able to find a perfect car for you by an easy procedure by “Tabirai Japan Car Rental”! You can easily compare the lowest rental car prices a
Ise Grand Shrine
8 things you should know before visiting Ise Grand Shrine
Hatsu, from Mie Prefecture, will present local information about the Ise-Shima area. The God of the Ise Grand Shrine shrine has been enshrined here fo
Nara city General Tourist Information Center
The Nara city General Tourist Information Center speaks 4 languages!
The Nara city General Tourist Information Center is considered “The best” tourist information center by the Japanese Tourism Department. They speak 4
A helpful tourist information center in Nara where you can get cute “Shikamaro-kun” products!
Did you know that there are three information centers on a busy street in Nara? I’d like to introduce one tourist information center in Nara. It’s loc
The dos and don'ts of bowing in Japan
In shops, in the streets, on the phone... You may have noticed that Japanese people bow all the time! Japan has a lot of hidden rules like where to st
Itsukushima Shrine
The Audio guide pen is a convenient way to get to know Miyajima! English and French versions are available!
Why is this shrine floating on the sea? Miyajima’s mysterious shrine,Itsukushima Shrine You might ask yourself why this shrine is floating in the m
3 Original Photo Locations for the Tokyo Sky Tree, the Tallest Broadcasting Tower in the World!
Want to take pictures of the Skytree that are a little different? Follow our guide!
3 food shops you should visit in Komachi-dori, the must-go shopping street in Kamakura!
The “Must-Go” place in Kamakura: Komachi Dori Street Great for shopping and eating with over 19 million visits each year!
【SUMMER】You too can experience Bon-Odori, the traditional dances of the Japanese summer.
Bon-odori can be seen everywhere during summer! Learn more about this tradition and where to see the 3 greatest bon dances festivals.
How to use the more affordable, streetcar when touring Hiroshima Hiroshima’s streetcar has been running for more than 100 years. Colorful street cars run through the city of Hirosh
【SUMMER】A beginner's guide to Kakigoori (Shaved Ice), a Japanese Summer Classic Food
In this article I'd like to introduce you to shaved Ice, called 'Kakigori' in Japanese, a beloved and refreshing treat of the Japanese summer.
Why you should eat fugu in Shimonoseki
Why it's ok to eat fugu and why you should do it in Shimonoseki!
Enjoy a fun day on the train with “Ekiben,” a railway boxed meal.
There are a large variety of Ekiben available all around Japan. When you think of a trip on a train, you might think of the scenery from the train