A festival to wish for the growth of children ages three, five, and seven. “Shichi-go-san”
It’s a day to celebrate children’s growth. You might see children dressed in Kimono during the sunny days of November. Their parents, grandparents,
Customs for November
【AUTUMN】Customs for November
Friday,3 November: Culture Day This is a national holiday designated as a day to celebrate the proclamation of the Constitution of Japan in 1946. I
Make your own Japanese pottery at “The Takara Pottery Studio Experience”
It’s easy enough, even for a beginner! Let’s drop by a pottery class while sightseeing in Kamakura. Takara Pottery Studio is about a 10-minute walk f
(Oct 10-11th)A must-see event for Busho buffs! The Battle of Sekigahara festival will be held at Sekigahara, Gifu.
The most popular event in Sekigahara town, Gifu Prefecture is the Battle of Sekigahara festival! This event makes you feel as if you were back in time
Athletics day
【AUTUMN】Autumn is the season for Athletics! “Athletics day” is held in local areas and at schools.
The season for “Athletics day” has arrived! We have a saying in Japan, “Autumn is the season for Athletics.” It suggests that autumn’s climate is s
[GINZA, Tokyo]New Tea Ceremony Room “GINZA CHAZEN” to Open on Oct. 8 for Foreign Tourists
New Tea Ceremony Room "GINZA CHAZEN" to Open on Oct. 8 for Foreign Tourists TOKYO, Oct. 5, 2015 CHAZEN & Co. CHAZEN & Co. will open a new tea cerem
Substitute monkey
“Substitute monkey”, the amulet that’s hung in front of houses in Nara.
The monkey came to Japan via a silk road!? When you walk around the town of Nara, you’ll notice that there are several stuffed toy monkeys hanging
The Seven Deities of Good Luck
Have you ever heard of Kannazuki? It’s the month when all Japanese gods go to one place in Japan!
What’s Kannazuki? Most Japanese people have heard about “Kannazuki”, but they seldom know what it actually means and what it’s derived from. Kannaz
【AUTUMN】Customs for October
Sunday, October 1st, 2017: Seasonal change of clothing This custom started around the 8th Century as a nobles custom. seasonal change of clothing.
Red spider lilies
【AUTUMN】Ohigan, the little know tradition of visiting the graves
Read about this typical celebration for the dead, a unique mix of Buddhism and Japanese Shintosim.
“KENDAMA”is now a trendy sport! I went to see the world championship! (MOVIE)
“KENDAMA” is a new kind of sport! The Japanese toy, “KENDAMA”is now popular all over the world! For Japanese people, Kendama reminds them of somethin
Respect for the Elderly Day
What is “Respect for the elderly Day“? It’s literally a day to show respect to all elderly people!
September 21st is the day for it in 2015! Respect your elders! National holidays are always a big part of history and culture in any country. Respe
【AUTUMN】How to Enjoy the “Chrysanthemum Festival” on September 9th
The September 9th and the chrysanthemum flowers are said to bring good luck. Here is why.
Customs for September
【AUTUMN】Japanese Customs for September
Sat, 1 September: Disaster prevention day Disaster prevention day (防災の日, bousai no hi in Japanese), was established to raise awareness for disasters
The couple in Yukata.
【SUMMER】How to enjoy “Yukata” in Japan
Yukata is a typical kind of Kimono, worn during the summer. It used to be called yukata-bira, which were an undergarment noble people in the Heian per