Traditions & History

My experience of aizome, dying Japan Blue
Indigo, nicknamed Japan Blue, is an important color in Japanese culture. This is why I decided to visit Wanariya, a shop that allows visitors to make
Valentine's Day in Japan: How and Why Do Japanese Women Give Chocolates to Men?
For Valentine’s Day, girls offer chocolate to the boys they love. If you like manga or Japanese animation series, it’s a scene you may have seen many
What to Look for on Hina Matsuri Dolls Displays
Hina Matsuri, also called Dolls' Day or Girls' Day, takes place each year on March 3. Everywhere in Japan dolls are put on display to celebrate. But w
A Quick Guide to 'Kagami Mochi', the Japanese New Year Traditional Decorative Cake
During the end of the year and New Year’s holidays, you’ll see two donut-shaped objects with a mandarin on top of it. What is this snowman-like object
“Karuta” a classic Japanese children's game
There are many kinds of games played during Japan’s New Year. We have many “Oshogatsu” games to play during the New Year including ”Spinning top,
The Japanese New Year’s dish, “Nanakusagayu.”
Is this dish too simple for New Year’s festivities? “Nanakusagayu,” a dish from the Edo period. “Nanakusagayu” (rice porridge) is famously known
Don’t miss the New Year’s fun lucky bags “Fukubukuro”!
You don’t know what’s inside, but it’s also a part of fun. As you may notice that there are full of events on New Year in Japan as we have been i
”Hatsuyume,” the first dream you see on the night of New Year’s Day.
Dream about good luck symbols! Mt. Fuji, a Hawk, and an Eggplant! In Japan,“Hatsuyume” is literally the first dream you see after December 31st a
Osechi dish
Osechi boxes for the New Year’s holidays, a Japanese food tradition.
Traditional dishes for the Japanese New Year’s holiday are Osechi boxes with a variety of lucky foods. Beautifully set in compartments of layered boxe
"Joya no Kane," the bells that ring out the old year and purify people's hearts on the last night of the year
See the old year out with a calm and quiet heart How is everyone going to spend New Year's eve? Some of you will probably spend it at a countdown
“Otoshidama” is the New Year’s gift that kids can’t wait for!
It’s what kids receive on New Years day for pocket money! In Japan we have a custom called “Otoshidama,” when adults give kids money on New Years
Clean away all of this year's mess! Do a GRAND HOUSE CLEANING to greet the god into your clean house
Cleaning the house is a job for dad to do during his end of year holidays! Most people in Japan will start their New Year's holidays from about n
The Kadomatsu Decoration,Towers of Pine and Bamboo Traditional of the Japanese New Year’s Holiday
Kadomatsu is a decoration with three cut pieces of bamboo and pine for the Japanese New Year’s holiday. After Christmas, you will see this decoration
Japan’s New Year “Oshogatsu” is to welcome the God Toshigami-sama, who brings abundance and happiness to each family.
Oshogatsu is to welcome the deity, Toshigami-sama. What is Oshogatsu? In Japan, the Toshigami-sama deity comes to each family and promises abundance
Eating “Toshikoshi Soba Noodles” on December 31st will give you good fortune?
New years Eve (Omisoka) has arrived! In Japan we call the last day of the year, December 31st, Omisoka. This day is to rid oneself of negativity