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A garden where all kinds of old Japanese buildings stand, the “Sankeien Garden” in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. We had a tea master introduce the inside of the garden this time!
“Toco Toco T.V.,” a French T.V. Program that introduces Japanese culture! Toco Toco T.V. is a French television program where Japanese guests intro
izumo-taisya trees
A recommended route for touring Izumo Vol.2 A route to seek the mystical energy that dwells in big trees.
It is said that spirits dwell in trees. Trees over a thousand years old, in two different locations are full of mystical energy! Location A Izumo
A recommended route for touring Izumo Vol.1 Make a good match by visiting a place thought to be, flowing with mystical energy.
There are many locations in Izumo thought to be flowing with mystical energy. Why not visit Izumo when you want more energy, power and motivation to s
A wizard’s habitat. Heart-warming Mt. Furousan, where you can encounter the local people’s love for it.
The starting point of the mountain is related to the Kintaro story Oyama-cho, located at the base of Mt. furousan where the Kintoki-Shrine is l
With the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen, the “Higashi Chaya-gai” or traditional old teahouse street in Kanazawa has been getting a lot of attention.
Chaya(teahouse) street is an important heritage of Gion, Kyoto. This street is located on the east side of Asano River, in Kanazawa city, Ishikaw
I encountered fortune at the Moai statues in the tropical atmosphere of Miyazaki Prefecture!
It’s officially recognized by Easter Island! These huge Moai statues are impressive! The Sun Messe Nichinan located in Nichinan city, Miyazaki Pr
The beginning of Japanese roads starts here at "Nihonbashi" in Tokyo.
Nihonbashi, where Japanese roads begin. Nihonbashi (literally, Nihon-bridge) is one of the most famous bridges in Tokyo. It was built in 1603, and wa
Only once, every 7 years! Zenkoji-temple’s ”Gokaicho”, where you can see a replica of a hidden Buddhist statue starting April 5th this year!
Zenkoji Temple has a history of over 1400 years. Zenkoji Temple is located in Shinshu, Nagano Prefecture. It enshrines the Amida triad (Zenkoji-shi
This cool bar should not be missed if you are a fan of the 90’s retro games and animation! Go and find some pals to play games with at the game bar “Ninety,” in Akebonobashi!
“toco toco T.V.”, a French T.V. Program that introduces Japanese culture! toco toco T.V. is a French T.V. program where a Japanese guest intro
All creatures take a rest at『 Sarusawa-ike pond 』, near the Kofuku-ji temple
Naramachi might be even nicer than visiting major temples. Taking a break at the Sarusawa-ike pond after venturing around Naramachi. Nara is home
『Nara』travel to meet the Sake god and the roots of refined Sake
The ornamental ball represents newly produced Sake that is made from cedar leaves. Have you ever seen the large ornamental ball hanging under
Feel Japan’s Taisho period (1912-1926) through the retro interior at the organic café, “Café COB” in Mie Prefecture! It’s a 3 min walk from Yunoyama Onsen station.
”Café COB” is an oasis for local people in Komonocho town, Mie Prefecture. This pretty looking café is located in Komonocho town, Mie Prefe
It’s ends March 15th, so don’t miss this last chance to experience Kyoto’s elegance during “Hanatouro,” an evening illumination festival with flowers.
”Hanatouro” is a new seasonal tradition in Kyoto Higashiyama During this event you can see temples/shrines and streets in the area ill
Cherry blossom trees will represent protection against natural disasters, an idea from the non-profit organization, The Sakura Line 311.
The Sakura Line 311 will plant Sakura trees at points where the tsunami reached furthest inland. They will be handed down to future generation
Only in Japan! Let's go to ”Kanazawa station”, voted one of the World's most beautiful stations.
This beautiful station is drawing attention from around the world. After the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen (bullet train), Kanazawa is bustl