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deer in Todaiji Temple
Play hide-and-seek with a ”deer in Todaiji Temple”: A deer in Nara during the morning
Hello, as you can see, I’m deer. I live in Todaiji Temple in Nara. People recognize me as a sacred being because the God,“Takemikazuchi-no-mikoto”
An alternative to sightseeing: A weekend farming experience at ”Yoshioka Farm” in Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture.
Find Japan by digging deep in the ground! What would you expect while sightseeing in Japan? Good food, beautiful nature, crazy i
On February 3rd, Chase the demons away by throwing beans! Gomottomo sama’s “Setsubun” Festival at Mitsumine Shrine.
Setsubun is a bean-throwing event held at the beginning of spring to chase out ogres. Every year, Japan welcomes “Setsubun” on February 3rd. Sets
Very easy access from Tokyo. ”Tojo-house,” a 19th century dwelling located in Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture.
Let’s take an easy walk to “Tojo-house” The last feudal lord of Mito province, Tokugawa Akitake, built tojo-house in 1884 during the Me
It’s like a small European town in Japan, a day trip to ”Otaru” in Hokkaido 
Otaru has Hokkaido’s version of Wall street. Located close to Sapporo station, and easy to access, Otaru brings in many day trip travelers.
Time travel to the old postal town of “Ouchi-juku.” The best way to experience Japan’s older atmosphere!
Time warp to an old post town where Daimyo (feudal lords) had stayed. Ouchi-juku, nestled among soaring mountains, lies along the Aizu We
The Holy “Akagi Shrine” is located at the top of Mt.Akagi
The faith from the Shrine is derived from the Mountain Akagi Shrine is located in Maebashi-city, Gunma Prefecture. It exists at the to
kominka kanaya
”Kanaya Base” near Minami-Boso has a special guesthouse.
Hello everyone, Have you ever heard of a place called “Kanaya Base” in Minami-Boso, Chiba Prefecture? The old guesthouse I will introduce today is
The "House of Light," an accommodating facility that merges the art of light with a traditional Japanese house.
An accommodating facility created by James Turrell, a master in the world of art In Tokamachi, Niigata Prefecture there is a building called the
”An organic café” in Isumi City, Chiba Prefecture.
Hello everyone, There is a really nice café in Isumi City, Chiba Prefecture. It’s called the “Rice Terrace Cafe” and is located in the community ar
Make your first visit to “Izumo Taisha Shrine,” the location of Japan’s most famous matchmaking God
The oldest Shrine in Japan. Okuni-nishi-no kami is a deity of matchmaking and is enshrined at Izumo Taisha Shrine. Its establishment is
Great nature is just 1 hour away from Shinjuku! Enjoy a day trip hiking at “Mt. Takaosan”
We hiked Mt. Takaosan during the winter! Taking a train crowded with people who go to school and work, we arrived at Mt. Takaosan in just 1 hour from
Let’s find the hidden “Dust bunnies” at a century old cultural asset in Saitama Prefecture!
I went to “Kurosuke’s house” in Tokorozawa city in Saitama Prefecture operated by the Totoro Fund. “Kurosuke,” or Dust bunny is the character a
Ogawa city, Saitama Prefecture is home of ”Japanese paper,” registered as intangible cultural assets.
“Japanese paper” is registered as intangible cultural heritage for its thinness, strength, and beauty. On November 27th, 3 types of Japanese pape
A day at an old nostalgic city. Wandering “Shibamata Taishakuten.”
Let’s go to Shibatama on a sunny day! Things to look for at “Shibamata Taishakuten” Shibamata is located in the Katsushika distri