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The Samurai Museum: An Exclusive Shinjuku Experience Nearly 700 Years in the Making
What are the first things that come to mind when you think of Japan? Chances are that “samurai” was one of the first words that popped into your head.
3 Shinjuku Museums to Visit on a Rainy Day
Be it a brief squall or a torrential downpour, bouts of rain are a fact of life when traveling in Tokyo. Therefore, it's best to have backup plans in
Tokyo Fire Museum - Learn about Tokyo's Past through its History of Fighting Fire
The Fire Museum, or “Shobo Hakubutsukan”消防博物館, located on the intersection above the Yotsuya san-chome station, is Japan’s only museum entirely dedica
The Shinjuku Historical Museum: a nicely arranged museum with interesting exhibits of Tokyo’s past
If you’re stuck in Tokyo on a rainy day, how about visiting a museum and learning about the history of Shinjuku? It might sound boring, but Shinjuku c
A half day walk-and-eat tour in the Sumo town of Ryogoku! Don’t miss the historical sites, museums, and foodie destinations. Vol. 1
Do you know the traditional Japanese sport of Sumo? Ryogoku is famous for Sumo, because there have been many sumo stables located here since ancient t
Samurai, Kabuki, Sushi. Let’s experience old Tokyo at the Edo-Tokyo Museum!【江戸東京博物館】
Samurai (侍), Geisha(芸者), Ukiyo-e(浮世絵), and Kabuki(歌舞伎). You might be familiar with some of these Japanese words before visiting Japan. However, do you
Hakatamachiya Furusato Hall
Learn the history of Hakata city at Hakata-machiya Furusato Hall!
You can see how people in Hakata used to live 100 years ago! Hakata-machiya Furusato Hall is a museum that utilizes a 120-year old Machiya house, whe
Mizkan Museum
Recently opened: An experience-based museum for the essential seasoning used in Sushi.
Traditional seasoning produced in Handa city Handa is a city located on the Chita-peninsula, Aichi prefecture, 40 minutes from Nagoya by train. Along
Fujisan Museum
It’s the best mountain in Japan! Let’s learn about Mt. Fuji at the Fujisan Museum in Yamanashi Prefecture. (MOVIE)
The museum where you can view beautiful Mt. Fuji. The city of Fuji Yoshida is well known for Mt. Fuji, one of the best mountains in the world. You ca
Banquet Hall
It’s a must visit in Tokyo! The 7 extremely gorgeous halls of “Meguro Gajoen”!
Take a look at the 7 Banquet rooms, all of which inspire the worlds of novels and movies. Contrary to the gorgeous and colorful temples in other
A work of art created by carving a single piece of wood
Amazing craftsmanship at the Nara Craft Museum
How and Who makes the traditional crafts in Nara? Let’s see how they work! There are many opportunities to see the work by the craftsmen of Nara, but
The Naramachi Mechanical Toy Museum
Play with old world Japanese toys at the “Naramachi Mechanical Toy Museum”!
Toys when there were no computer games. What did you play with when you were a child? When I was young, I remember playing with marbles and a kalei
The“Atomic Bomb Dome”inspiring permanent peace from the tragedy of an atomic bomb in Hiroshima. The“Atomic Bomb Dome”, an actual witness talks about the disaster from the atomic bomb. It was my first time visiting
Hope drifts across “Peace Memorial Park” in Hiroshima A park for world peace Peace Memorial Park is located in the center of Hiroshima and is blessed with nature. I felt t
“Munakata Taisha,”the shrine for the god who protects the sea, where you can visit 3 shrines!
The newly renovated shrine hall, “Hetsumiya” Hetsumiya in Munakata Taisha is in Munakata city, Fukuoka Prefecture. It’s a 15 minute drive from To