Visit: Charming Towns

“Higashi-Jayagai,” a unique streetscape with rows of beautiful teahouses
An atmospheric teahouse district that was frequented only by high-society An atmospheric streetscape from the old days still remains in Kanazawa
A regular dog on a regular walk part seven, in “Kibitsu Shrine”
We went back to my hometown with our baby who was born last year, and decided to visit Kibitsu Shrine in Okayama. We gave Mame a millet dumplin
A regular dog on a regular walk part two, in “Daimyou Clock Museum & Gyokurin Temple”
“Daimyou Clock Museum” I paid a visit to this curiously-named museum. After penetrating through to the back of the dense forest,
Come for a walk with Mame, a dog that resides in the Yanesen neighborhood in downtown Tokyo.“A regular dog on a regular walk,” part one.
Let us show you the nature that can be found in the city through a walk with Tokyo Kitsch's mascot, Mame. Despite being adjacent to traffic-heavy
2016 marks the anniversary of the 400-year history of Arita-yaki, the genesis of Japan’s proud porcelain industry!
The birthplace of porcelain that graces Japan’s dining tables. What is Arita-yaki, which has been loved the ages? Arita-yaki, a local industry th
Travel back to old Tokyo and enjoy a ride along the Toden Arakawa Line while taking stops along the way.
Enjoy the view of old-town streetscapes as you ride a rare streetcar in Tokyo. Have you ever seen Tokyo's cute little “train” that travels slowly
Interacting with “wild deer” in Nara.
Be careful when feeding the deer with deer crackers! A large number of tourists visit the city famous for its various UNESCO World Heritage Sites
The Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse
【Photo by Yuri Suzuki】 The Romantic Allure of Yokohama’s Red Brick Warehouse at Night Located on the Tokyo Bay just south of Tokyo is Yokohama
A summer resort area in Saitama Prefecture surrounded by nature’s beauty Located in the northwest area of Saitama prefecture, Nagatoro city i
Oshino-Hakkai (snow-melted water from Mt. Fuji)
The eight spring water ponds of Oshino village. Oshino village is located between Lake Yamanaka and Fuji Yoshida city in the northern part o