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Featured articles on Okinawa: Exploring the Valley of Gangala! Let’s enjoy some time in a large cave and experience the vast and ancient nature of Okinawa.
What is the Valley of Gangala? The valley of Gangala is located 30 min from the city of Naha and Naha Airport by car. There are other great pla
【SPRING】Late for Tokyo Hanami? Head Up North for Snow and Cherry Blossoms!
Tohoku (Northeast Japan) is your ideal destination if you're a little late for Hanami. did you know that around the time when Tokyo’s cherry blosso
It’s a work of art created by wind and waves! The mysterious heart-shaped sea cave ”Ryugu Sea Cave” has a skylight that allows natural sunlight to shine in.
You can hear the sounds of the waves. Does it look like Porco’s hideout from the Japanese anime film, “Porco Rosso?” “Ryugu Sea Cave” is a natura
I encountered fortune at the Moai statues in the tropical atmosphere of Miyazaki Prefecture!
It’s officially recognized by Easter Island! These huge Moai statues are impressive! The Sun Messe Nichinan located in Nichinan city, Miyazaki Pr
Let's go to Japan's southernmost Island Hateruma. It’s where the beautiful “Hateruma blue”sparkles!
Nishihama Beach, the greatest attraction on Hateruma Island Look at the blue sky, white sand, and sparkling emerald green sea with all of its bre
【WINTER】Enjoy fascinating scenery in a snowy region during the “Yunishigawa Onsen Snow Hut Festival”
A hot spring in the mountain valley where a legend from 800 years ago still leaves its trace. Yunishigawa Onsen, a little known hot spring with a
【BEST VIEW】Mt. Fuji and the Ocean as viewed from Azumayama Park, near Hakone
A great stop on your way to Hakone If you are visiting Japan in February and planning to go to Hakone, make sure to stop by Azumayama Park. Canola
【WINTER】The Kawazu River, where to See Japanese Cherry Blossoms in Winter
What are Kawazu Cherry Blossoms? Many think of the  Japanese spring when talking about "cherry blossoms". But did you know there is a  kind of cherry
Have a relaxing tea time at the zen temple, “Houkokuji” with a beautiful bamboo garden.
Houkokuji Temple’s silent atmosphere is popular among visitors. Houkokuji Temple is located in Kamakura city, Kanagawa Prefecture. Fr
The waterfall “Deai-daki” in Izu Peninsula brings you true love!?
Let’s walk around the beautiful waterfall area of ”Kawazu-Nanadaru,” found in a popular volcanic locale. Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka Prefecture is
【WINTER】Dreamy lights floating on the surface of the sea. “Kazemachi-fune” is a winter attraction in Shirahama, Izu.
A Series of lights on the silent sea are ships anchored offshore. You can only hear the silent sounds of the waves and the waters appear very dar
Great nature is just 1 hour away from Shinjuku! Enjoy a day trip hiking at “Mt. Takaosan”
We hiked Mt. Takaosan during the winter! Taking a train crowded with people who go to school and work, we arrived at Mt. Takaosan in just 1 hour from
Two Different Kinds of Japanese Autumn Scenery
'Kakumanbuchi', the golden marsh This small marshland, Kakumanbuchi is located at Mt. Akagi (elev. 1360-meters) in Gunma Prefecture. Kakumanbuchi i
A beautiful lavender garden easily accessible from Tokyo. ”Tambara Lavender Park”
A beautiful lavender garden easily accessible from Tokyo,it’s one of the largest lavender parks in the Kanto area Many people imagine that the fa