Visit: Temples & Shrines

The image of Byodoin is on the 10-yen Japanese coin. It’s the land of perfect bliss that noble men dreamt about 1,000 years ago.
A shrine connected with FUJIWARA, a noble man from the Heian period Byodoin is a famous architectural structure from the Heian period (704~1192). I
Yaegaki Shrine
Yaegaki Shrine near Matsue City: A sacred place for to Pray for Love
Why do people pray for love at Yaegaki Shrine? In Japanese legends there’s a story of a large 8-headed snake, Yamata-no-Orochi, a goddess, Kushinad
“Suirokaku”, the Aqueduct in Nanzen-ji Temple
# A peculiar sight in Kyoto The bridge reminds us of Roman structures, but was designed by a Japanese, Sakuro Tanabe in the 1890s. Tanabe was only 2
Yushima Tenmangu
A Quick Look at Yushima Tenmangu Shrine, where Japanese Students Pray for their Exams
Exam season in Japan In Japan, to enter high school or university, students have to go through tough exams, and entrance exams are usually a very i
Visitors looking at the Hojo garden.
The most noble temple in Japan “Nanzen-ji Temple”, has more to offer than just gardens!
“Nanzen-ji Sanmon” is one of the three largest gates in Japan, at a height of 22 meters! Once you step inside the Nanzen-ji precinct, the large san
“Temples in Hakata” have no entry fee! Let’s go tour popular temples!
Hi everyone! This is Nagabuchi from “Bura Bura Fukuoka”! Did you know Hakata in Fukuoka Prefecture has the largest number of shrines and temples just
5 Places to Visit in Kyoto’s Mt. Arashiyama in Autumn
Hogon-in Temple: the best autumn foliage spot in Arashiyama During Koyo season, Hogon-in Temple (famous for its beautiful garden) and is open to th
Autumn foliage in Higashiyama
Our Favorite Spots for Koyo Season in Kyoto
Tofuku-ji Temple, the most famous location for Autumn leaves in Kyoto Tofuku-ji was built in the year 1236 and is the head temple of the Tofuku-ji
Katori Jinguu
“Katori Jinguu”, one of the best Japanese shrines in Chiba Prefecture, standing in a solemn forest.(MOVIE) The approach that celebrates the four seasons. After passing through the Torii gate, you’ll find a gravel pathway. Duri
Experience it with your five senses! Our recommended route for a 2-day trip to Hiroshima! (MOVIE) A: We headed to the Tuskemen noodle shop Bakudan-ya, after arriving at Hiroshima station! It takes about 3 and a half
Tsurugaoka Hacimangu
The best sightseeing spot in Kamakura! “Tsurugaoka Hacimangu” is the shrine that represents Kamakura.
Kamakura city has developed through Tsurugaoka Hachimangu. Ancient Kamakura has many historic sightseeing spots, but the most famous spot, along wi
If you wash money in spring water, it will multiply!? A spiritual spot in a mysterious cave at Zeniarai Benten Shrine in Kamakura.
Going to the precincts of the shrine after passing through a tunnel in the rock wall… Do you know about a very famous shrine that brings luck with
3 Different Ways to Look at Miyajima's Great Torii
Miyajima's great torii has become a famous picture on Japan guidebooks. Here are three different ways to enjoy its beauties and take your own stunning
A Trip to Miyajima Island and its Floating Shrine “Itsukushima-Jinja"
How to get to Miyajima The siland of Miyajima is a popular one-day trip destination from Hiroshima. From Hiroshima Station, take the JR San'yo line u
”Heijyo-kyo", the capital of Japan during the Nara period and the Heijyo palace site ruins
What’s there you ask? Vast green grounds and Chinese style construction If you take the Kintestu train from Osaka to Nara, you may see vast green g