local tour plan vol.002

The city is closed up to Towada-Hachimantai National Park and Shirakami-Sanchi, because they are designated as a World Heritage Site. It’s known as the hometown of "Hachiko", the Akita dog displayed at Shibuya station, Tokyo. The city has a unique event called the Amekko market. It is said that if you eat candy on this day, you'll avoid catching a cold.

Akita odate-city

Farmer's market

1.The Farmer's market, “Yoki-na-kaasan-no-mise”

Freshly harvested local vegetables are sold at Yoki-na-kaasan-no-mise farmers market. It’s a place where you can experience cooking and eating and is run by women from local farms. Cooking Odate’s specialty, Kiritanpo, is especially recommended. It’s highly popular among people who eat it, because it uses local Hinai chicken, Akita komachi rice, and fresh vegetables. Eating it with the local people makes it even more delicious!

  • 97‐1 Ienoushiro Magata, Odate, Akita Prefecture
  • 9:00〜18:00 No scheduled holidays (Except winter)
  • +81-186‐53‐3800
  • Japanese
  • None
  • sastage.net/yoki.htm
  • 2,160 yen (Tax included.) / per person
    ※8,640 yen (Tax included.) / 4 persons

Farmer's market Yoki-na-kaasan-no-mise Farmer's market Yoki-na-kaasan-no-mise


JR Otaki Onsen station, go to JR Odate station by Hanawa line bound for Odate. It's in front of the station.

Chuken Hachikoハチ公像

Odate is the hometown of "Chuken Hachiko", the Akita dog. As soon as you walk out the station, the Hachiko statue will welcome you!

"Chuken Hachiko" is a dog famously known for it’s beautiful story of a dog who continues to wait for his owner, even after the owner passed away. Odate is the hometown of Hachiko. The statue built in front of the station is 2nd generation, and it’s been the symbol for the town since 1987. There many statues of Hachiko and the Akita dog around town, so it's fun to walk around and find them all.

Chuken Hachiko Chuken Hachiko


"Shishigamori Kanjo line" from JR Odate station to "Shishigamori-eki" stop and a 3 min walk from there.

"Folk Museum"郷土博物館

Learn everything about Odate at the Folk Museum

You can learn about the local history of Odate through many exhibitions associated with local culture at this museum. There are special exhibitions of famous people from the city, and collaboration with sightseeing areas and historic spots.
You can learn about the universe, earth, life, and power through the interactive exhibitions at it’s conservatory. It's for all ages.

  • 1 Shishigamori Shakanai, Odate, Akita Prefecture
  • 9:00〜16:30 (Last entry is 16:00)
    Every Monday(If Monday is a national holiday, the next day it will be closed.)New Year's holiday
  • +81-186-48-2119
  • Japanese
  • None
  • odate-city.jp/museum/
  • Adult 300 yen (Group 200 yen)
    University students & High school students 200 yen (Group 200 yen)
    ※Group = more than 15 persons
    Junior high school students & Elementary school pupils 100 yen (Group 50 yen)

Folk Museum Folk Museum


The "Shishigamori Kanjo line" from "Shishigamori-eki" stop to JR Odate station.(About 15 min)
The "Kosaka line" from JR Odate station to the "Seifu-so-mae" stop. (About 20 min)

Rail Bike大館・小坂鉄道レールバイク

Kosawa railway used to be an abandoned railway, but it was renovated into a new rail bike way in October, 2011!

You can choose vehicles that seat 2 or 4 persons, or a trolley, so you can enjoy it with your family, friends, or lovers. You can view the beautiful mountain stream of Nagaki from the railway. It's such a moving experience to pass down the Kosaka railway with it’s 100 years of history.

  • 30-2 Otaki Yukisawa, Odate, Akita Prefecture (In front of the Seifu-so)
  • 8:30〜16:30 (Running hour 9:00〜16:00)
    Tuesdays and Wednesdays
    (Please refer to the Web calendar)
  • +81-186-50-2555
    Nagaki mountain stream Information Centre
    (8:45~16:30 ※From the middle of November to the middle of April, it's closed)
  • Japanese
  • Available
  • railbike.jp
  • For 2 persons :2,000 yen
    For 4 persons :3,000 yen (Driving with 2 to 4 persons)
    Trolley for 1 person 1,000 yen ※Free for elementary school pupils and younger children

Rail Bike Rail Bike


30 min by Hokushu bus, the "Kosaka line" to "Byoin-mae" stop. 5 min walk from there.

Hokusyu club北秋クラブ

Taste 120 years of history. The Hokushu Club will serve you a special cuisine.

Kiritanpo is famously known as local cuisine in Akita Prefecture. The soup with it’s local Hinai chicken and the freshly grilled Kiritanpo will make you hungry. The Ryotei restaurant’s, Hokushu Club has 120 years of history and first started serving the home style Kiritanpo dish as elegant Japanese cuisine. You taste the real traditional of Kiritanpo here!

Hokusyu club Hokusyu club

2nd Day


15 min walk from Hokushu Club towards Odate station.


Daimonji watches over the town. Get a view from the Nagaki River.

The Daimonji displayed on Mt. Hoo can be seen anywhere from Odate city. The Daimonji is the largest one in Japan. Get a view of it from the Nagaki River and experience the only scenery of it’s kind. Daimonji is usually covered in green, but it will be lit up with fire in the summer and covered with snow in the winter. It looks different according to each season and depending on where you see it from. Why not try to find the best view point while taking a walk in town?

  • Nagaki River, Odate city.

Daimonji Daimonji


25 min walk from Nagaki River. / From the Shiritasu Byoin (city hospital)(About 9 min), take the Hokushu bus, "Hachiko-go" to the "Hoo Koko-mae" stop.

Odate Hachiman Shrine大館八幡神社

Odate's grand shrine, The Odate Hachiman Shrine

The Odate Hachiman Shrine has been enshrined and worshipped in Odate castle since 1610. It was designated as a national important cultural property because of it’s origin and the value of it’s 2 main halls. The architecture is representative of modern Shrine architecture in the Tohoku region. The sculpture is very delicate, and the color is unique.

Odate Hachiman Shrine Odate Hachiman Shrine


From Hoo-Koko high school, take a Hokushu bus bound for "Jimba". Get off at Omachi. 1 min walk from there. Next to Kita Hinaiya, parking is on the 2nd floor. / 15 min walk from Hoo-Koko high school.

Akita Sakura秋田さくら

Akita Sakura's Salty, Kiritanpo

Akita Sakura is a Japanese restaurant where you can taste local cuisine using local ingredients. Yamada-ryu Kiritanpo is highly recommended, because you can only eat it at 2 locations in Odate. This Kiritanpo tastes salty and you usually eat it with mashed Taro and Karashi Daikon. It broke new ground in the taste of Kiritanpo!

  • 23 Omachi, Odate, Akita Prefecture
  • 11:00~15:00 (Dinner is available only by reservation) Obon and New year's eve.
  • +81-186-42-1818
  • Japanese
  • None
  • 500~3,000円

Akita Sakura Akita Sakura


8 min walk from Akita sakura along the Kokudo road. (The red bridge is the landmark.) / 5 min by Hokushu the bus, "Hachiko-go" from Odate Omachi to "Odate shiyakusyo-mae" stop. 1 min walk from there.

"Akitainu Kaikan" hall秋田犬会館

Why not learn about the unknowns of the Akita dog at The Akitainu Kaikan hall.

Akitainu is one breed of dog born in Akita Prefecture and is designated as a natural treasure of Japan. Chuken Hachiko, the dog that is famously known for his beautiful story, is from Odate. You can get to know about the Akitainu breed, essential when talking about Odate, at the Akitainu Kaikan museum. Except winter, the actual Akitainu dog will welcome you at the hall!

  • 13-1 Sannomaru, Odate, Akita Prefecture
  • 9:00〜16:00 (Except between late November to late April.)
    During the Amekko market (for 2 days) 9:00〜16:00
    Closed :Every Saturday Afternoon from 21 November to 20 April. Sunday and national holidays.
  • +81-186-42-2502
  • Japanese
  • None
  • akitainu-hozonkai.com/museum/museum.html
  • Adult 100 yen / Child 50 yen (※-20 yen if you come with a group of more than 30 persons.)

秋田犬会館 秋田犬会館


10 min walk towards Omachi along the No.7 road. (In between the Omachi bus stop and Kajicho bus stop.)

"Mage-wappa workshop"曲げわっぱ体験工房

Experience traditional crafts at the "Mage-wappa workshop", using natural cedar wood and a craftsman’s technique!

Odate's Mage-wappa is one of the traditional crafts in Akita Prefecture. Lunch boxes and ohitsu are the most popular, but mugs and fashionable vases also use the technique of Mage-wappa. The texture and grain of the wood are very beautiful and it comes with functional beauty achieved by the craftsman. Why not make your own through learning the craftsman's technique?

  • 70 Omachi, Odate, Akita Prefecture
  • 9:00〜17:00 Tuesday, Wednesday and National holidays
  • +81-186-42-7502
    Odate Mage-wappa cooperative
  • +81-186‐57‐8490
    Odate Mage-wappa cooperative
  • Japanese
  • None
  • odate-magewappa.com/
  • 2,000〜4,000 yen

Mage-wappa workshop Mage-wappa workshop

1st Day



Tadaima Japan

You can play with adorable Akita dogs, taste Odate Kiritanpo, and make the traditional crafts of "Mage-wappa" with local people! Kiritanpo is proud dish of Odate because of its simple, yet special taste! Please try it only in Odate sometime, the origin of Kiritanpo!

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