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Shimanto-cho is located in the middle of the basin of the Shimantogawa River, which is said to be the last clear stream of water in Japan. Tourists come to Shimantogawa River to see the beautiful scenery of each season. The Kaiyodo Hobby Museum exhibits collections of figurines manufactured by the world famous figurine company Kaiyodo, and is a must see.

Kochi Shimanto-town


A restaurant that was awarded “The Best Shop in Shimanto”, by the people of Kochi Prefecture.

This shop is famous among the people in Shimanto. It is located in between routes 56 and 381 and is open as a canteen during the daytime, and a Yakiniku (grilled meat) restaurant in the evening. The most popular dish is “Manshu Janhan Rice”, stir fry with a thick sauce made from pig entrails, Chinese chives, and eggs. Eating it with “Manshu Janmen Noodles” and rice is also popular. The shop was chosen as one of the best restaurants in Shimanto by a general election of the best food vendors in Kochi Prefecture called, “Kochi-ke-no-shokutaku”.

  • 1-19 Furuichimachi, Shimanto-cho, Takaoka-gun, Kochi
  • 9:00~14:30 / 17:00~21:30(Last order @ 21:00) Sunday
  • +81-880-22-0019
  • Japanese
  • None
  • 600~700 yen

Manshu-ken Manshu-ken


20 min by train on the JR Yodo line, from the Kubokawa station to the Utsuigawa station.

Kaiyodo Hobby Museum Shimanto海洋堂ホビー館四万十

It’s highly recommended for those who love figurines!

If you go up the Shimantogawa River 5km to the Utsuigawa River, you’ll find the Kaiyodo Hobby Museum, which exhibits all the collections of world famous, Kaiyodo figurines.
The museum is housed in an old elementary school gymnasium. You can see various items such as small scale production model kits, figurines, and small toys. Food is also available. You can also join in on workshops for making diorama, and enjoy some shopping.

  • 1458-1 Utsuigawa, Shimanto-cho, Takaoka-gun, Kochi
  • 10:00~18:00 Tuesday (The next day will be closed if it is a National holiday)
  • +81-880-29-3355
  • Japanese
  • None
  • hobbykan.jp
  • 800 yen (400 yen for Elementary school and Junior high school pupils. / Free for pre school children)
    Common tickets for Kaiyodo Kappa Museum are also available.

Kaiyodo Hobby Museum Shimanto Kaiyodo Hobby Museum Shimanto


5 min by car.

Umanosuke Shrine馬之助神社

A local and famous spiritual place deep in the mountains.

Umanosuke Shrine was built to calm the spirit of a 7-year-old boy who was banished to the gorge of the Utsuigawa for his bad behaviors. Some people consistently visit this shrine to pray for their own children’s safety and recovery from illness.

  • Utsuigawa, Shimanto, Takaoka District, Kochi (4km from the Kappa Museum)
  • Open all day long (It’s recommended to go there during the daytime, because there are no street lights along the narrow pathway.)
  • +81-880-29-6004
  • Japanese
  • None

Umanosuke Shrine Umanosuke Shrine


From JR Kubokawa station, take a bus(Shimanto Kotsu). It is about 11km away from there, and takes 20 minute.
1. A bus bound for “Matsubakawa”. Get off at “Yoneoku-nokyo-ato” stop. 1 minute walk from there. (7 times per day / Last bus 17:45)
2. A bus bound for “Oonomi”. Get off at “Ittohyo” stop. 1 minute walk from there. (4times per day / Last bus 17:40)

Ittohyochinkabashi Bridge一斗俵沈下橋

The Chinkabashi bridge, where history and ancient wisdom dwell.

The bridge’s simple look is known by the local people, and is essential to their everyday life. The scenery of the Shimantogawa River and Chinkabashi bridge is picturesque. During the summer, children play in the water by the river, a typical scene in Shimanto. The Shimantogawa River rises during typhoon season and the Chinkabashi bridge is able to withstand the current while submerged, and slows the river current down.

  • Ittohyo, Shimanto, Takaoka District, Kochi
  • +81-880-22-3281
  • None

Ittohyochinkabashi Bridge Ittohyochinkabashi Bridge


About 1 minute walk to the bus stop bound for “Matsubakawa”. It takes 10 minute by bus. To “Matsubakawa”.
1. From “Ittohyo” to “Matsubakawa” (Once a day / Last bus around 13:20)
2. “Yoneoku-nokyo-ato” to “Matsubakawa” (6 times a day / Last bus 18:00)


Taste handmade soba noodles with a special sauce!

Surrounded by the clear waters of the Shimantogawa River and the beautiful forest, you can join a soba noodle workshop at “Hokushin-no-Yakata”. You can also stay overnight here, much like at a hotel. Located nearby is Matsubakawa Onsen, famous for its rich quality of hot spring water. The water comes from the gorge of the Hinojigawa river. If you stay at Hokushin-no-Yakata, you can use the hot spring for free. The dinner menu uses local ingredients and the seasonal Sawachi dishes and local sushi are popular among visitors. You can use the kitchen and make your own food as well.

Hokushin-no-Yakata Hokushin-no-Yakata

2nd Day


30 min by car from the JR Kubokawa station (Free transportation is available). About 17km.

Iwamoto-ji Temple岩本寺

Iwamoto-ji Temple is number 37th of 88 temples from the Shikoku Pilgrimage.

Iwamoto-ji Temple is known for its legend of Kobo Daishi’s seven wonders. The highlights are the 575 colorful pieces of artwork that are embedded in the ceiling of the main hall. The artwork in the ceiling of Seiryu-den depicts the entire scenery of the Shimantogawa River. There are also beautiful images displayed under the Chinkabashi bridge, in 30 different locations. Visitors and pilgrims come here from all over Japan and the temple even has a guesthouse for pilgrims.

Iwamoto-ji Temple Iwamoto-ji Temple


10 min walk on Route 56, Shimanto city. (About 900meters.)


The addictive, “Sweetened sweet potato fries”

Simple and healthy handmade sweets like Imokenpi and sweetened sweet potato fries are sold at Mizuguruma-ya. Among all the snacks, “Imokenpi”, made with deep sea water, was an awarded local Kochi product and is its most popular souvenir.
The shop also has a restaurant, so please give it a try. We recommend the “Teppan Tofu Teishoku”.

  • 9-30 Furuichimachi, Shimanto-cho, Takaoka-gun, Kochi
  • 8:00~20:00 No scheduled holidays
  • +81-880-22-3456
  • Japanese
  • None
  • nangokuseika.com/
  • 700~1,500 yen

Mizuguruma-ya Mizuguruma-ya


25 min by train on the JR Yodo line from Kubokawa station to Tosa Taisho station. About 2km.

Shimanto Local Historical Museum

Learn about Shimanto city at The Shimanto Historical Museum.

It is located near the Shimantogawa River’s middle basin and the “Michi-no-eki Shimanto Taisho”, in the Todoroki Park of Shimanto Taisho. You can see historical earthenware and stoneware that were used during the Jomon and Yayoi eras. Fishing equipment that was used in Shimantogawa River and excavated artifacts are also exhibited. If you walk about 15 min, there is also an Old Takeuchi house that is designated as an important national cultural asset. This house reproduces the old lifestyle of farmers of the Tosa area.

  • 32-1 Taisho, Shimanto-cho, Takaoka-gun, Kochi
  • 9:00~16:30 Monday and New Year’s eve
  • +81-880-27-0111
  • Japanese
  • None
  • Free

Shimanto Local Historical Museum Shimanto Local Historical Museum


From the JR Tosa Taisho station, go to Tosa Showa station. Then walk for 5 min to the Furusato Koryu Center to rent a bike. Cycle for about 20 min to Shimanto Kappa Association. /
A 25 min walk from the JR Tosa Taisho station.

Shimanto Kappa Association: Boat trip四万十かっぱ組合 川舟下り

A Boat trip on the river while listening to folklore about the Shimantogawa River.

Tookawaguchi River is located in the middle basin of Shimantogawa river and looks like a large snake when you see it from the sky. You can enjoy a boat trip while listening to folklore about Shimanto by local fisherman. Experience the sounds of the wind and birds.

  • 35-1 Towakawaguchi, Shimanto-cho, Takaoka-gun, Kochi
  • 10:00~16:00 No scheduled holidays (Need a reservation between December and February)
  • +81-880-29-1005
  • Japanese
  • None
  • shimanto-town.net/kubokawa/09-hunakudari.htm
  • Adults 1,500 yen / Children 1,000 yen (4 to 12 years old)

Shimanto Kappa Association: Boat trip Shimanto Kappa Association: Boat trip


45 min by train on the JR yodo line from Togawa station to JR Kubokawa station.

Hanpei – An old style Japanese house café古民家カフェ 半平

Enjoy Japanese sweets at a historical house!

This café utilizes an old Japanese house, built in 1901.
You can taste local sweets that use Shimanto ginger, one of the specialties here, as well as enjoying Matcha tea.
Relax and enjoy tea inside this, over 100-year-old house.

  • 2-3 Shigekushimachi, Shimanto-cho, Takaoka-gun, Kochi
  • 10:00~16:00 No scheduled holidays (Occasionally closed on some city’s events)
  • 050-8807-5075
  • Japanese
  • None
  • hanpeikanrinin.blog112.fc2.com/
  • 300~600 yen

Hanpei – An old style Japanese house café Hanpei – An old style Japanese house café

1st Day



Tadaima Japan

The calm stream of the Shimantogawa River will heal your fatigue from a long journey.
If you want to experience local life in Japan, this is the place for you!
It’s also nice to rent a bike, and cycle around the mountain stream.

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