Fujisan Museum富士山資料館

Learn all about Mt.Fuji!

This is a learning facility to learn about Mt.Fuji. They have special events, exhibitions and workshop occasionally.
You can learn the structure, history and ecosystem of Mt.Fuji. You can see the stuffed specimens that contribute ecosystem of Mt.Fuji, and also culture and art are exhibited. You can view Mt.Fuji from the room on a sunny day!

Fujisan Museum Fujisan Museum


About a 2 hour drive from Sendai


A phantom promenade

The mountain path to Mt.Fuji is believed to exist over 1200 years. This promenade is thought to be one of the oldest mountain path. The route has become ambiguous following the time, Edo and Meiji period till now. That is why it’s called “Phantom Promenade”.
You can also enjoy hiking and viewing autumn foliage.

  • Susono-shi, Suyama-saki (The promenade is behind the museum)
    20 to 30 min from Susono IC
  • Free

Suyama-guchi Suyama-guchi


3 min walk

Chu-chan Farm忠ちゃん牧場

Let’s have mutton barbecue and Doburoku sake!

At the Chu-chan Farm, the majestic Mt.Fuji is projected in front of you! At the Genghis Khan House where you can eat mutton barbecue, the secret sauce is so tasty! You can drink some rare doburoku sake here. The softcreme is also popular among both of adults and children.

  • 2255-3108 Suyama, Susono, Shizuoka Prefecture
    15 min by car from Susono IC
  • 10:00~17:00(April~November), 10:00~16:00(December~March)
    Close:Tuesday and the next day of National Holidays
  • +81-55-998-1129
  • Japanese
  • city.susono.shizuoka.jp/
  • None
  • 1500 yen

Chu-chan Farm Chu-chan Farm


5 min walk and 1 min by car

Asama Sangen Shrine須山浅間神社

Get energized at Asama Sangen Shrine!

The shrine stands still in the woods. The god of matchmaking is enshrined. It became a part of Mt.Fuji that was designated as the UNESCO heritage in 2011.
The shrine is surrounded by the 400 yeas old trees. There is a stone lantern that shaped like a heart next to the stairs.
It is a traditional pattern, and though to bring good match making. Why not get mystical power at Sangen Shrine if you’re looking for new encounters.

Asama Sangen Shrine Asama Sangen Shrine


5 min by car

Healthy Parkヘルシーパーク

Take a bath with the view of Mt.Fuji

The best part of this hot spring is the thermal effect and its view!
You can take a bath while watching the view of Mt.Fuji, and relax.
Laos, the thermal effect of this hot spring is so strong, so you can get refreshed quickly.
It accelerates the metabolism of skin, so you can get the clear skin. It’s close to the starting point of hiking, so it’s nice to drop by on the way back home.

  • 3408, Susono, Suyama
    8 min by car from Susono IC, 20 min by car from JR Godenba Line Susono station.
  • 10:00~21:00
  • +81-55-965-1126
  • Japanese
  • None
  • susono-shinkou.jp/sp/
  • Adults: 520 yen / Children up to 3 years old: 260yen (For 3 hours)

Healthy Park Healthy Park

2nd Day


10 min by car

JA Fureai Marketふれあい市

Famrmer’s market “JA Fureai Market”

There are mainly vegetables that are harvested on the day.
Other than that, you can buy some bento, sozai and cakes.
At 9 in the morning, people make a huge queue, and almost half of the stock will be sold around half past 10.
The picture of farmers are hang on the wall, and you can tell who made the products. They will tell you the best way to cook.
At 8 in the morning, farmers come to the shop, so you can ask them.

  • 1087 Susono, Sano
    15 min drive from Susono IC/ 5 min walk from Susono station
  • 9:00~15:00
    Close:30th December ~ 3rd January
  • +81-55-993-3559
  • Japanese
  • None
  • About 200 yen per sack.

JA Fureai Market JA Fureai Market


About 50 min by shuttle bus to the station. 5 min walk from Susono station.


The phantom tea leaf

There is a farm called “Fuji-noen” that has been continued since the early Edo period. It is located inside the Fuji Sacred Heart School. The tea leaf “tadanishiki” is only produced here in Fuji Farm! It’s approved by the city as the original brand, and the sweets that uses the tea leaf called “Sophiage” is also sold at the stores in the city.

Tadanishiki Tadanishiki


5 min by car

Ex-Uematsu’s house

Let’s go back to the Edo period!

It is located in the huge park that has Japanese garden architecture. The thatched house has been so rare to be seen in Japan recently. You’ll feel like you traveled to the past Japan!
You can enjoy the water fall and bridge in each different season.

  • 7-1 Sunpuku, Susono
    10 min by car from Susono IC. 20 min walk from Susono station.
  • 8:30~17:00
    Close:Monday, New Year’s Eve (No holidays on May and August)
    Entering inside:Sunday and National holiday 9:00~12:00 13:00~16:00 Except Saturday 13:00~16:00, you need a reservation.
  • About the house:+81-55-992-3800
    About the park:+81-55-995-1825
  • Japanese
  • None
  • city.susono.shizuoka.jp/public/chuoukoen.php
  • Free

Ex-Uematsu’s house Ex-Uematsu’s house


15 min walk


The new specialty of Susono!

The “ashitaka foothill soba” uses the soba seeds that were cropped in the idle farmland. Everything is hand made. You can ask the today’s recommendation, and the most popular one is “Tenzaru”, “Mushroom soba”.(Seasonal specialty)These mushrooms are raised in local. You can view the Mt.Fuji from the shop if it was sunny.

  • 1087-1 susono, Sano
    15 min drive from Susono IC/5 min walk from Susono station
  • 11:00~14:00
    Close:Every Tuesday,31st December to 3rd January
  • +81-55-992-2001
  • A little bit of English
  • None
  • nansun.ja-shizuoka.or/soba/shop.html
  • Tenzaru soba 1,000 yen、Mushroom soba 850 yen

Goryuuan Goryuuan


6 min by bus to the Susono Nihonmatsu stop. 15 min walk from there.

Fukaragama Murakami Tobo Atelier村上陶房

It’s hidden in the woods.

The atelier is located in the middle of the woods. Variety of ceremics are jumped in front of your eyes once you open the door.
You can experience making pottery under the lecture of Mr.Murakami for 2 hours. You can make 2 mugcups with using the pottery wheels. The works you made are sent in about a month.
The huge kiln in the backyard is so majestic! It’s about 5m’s high! Since they need to keep burining it, they need 500 bundles of firewoods.

  • 3700-29 Fukaragama, Susono
    20 min by car from Susono IC
  • 10:00~17:00
  • +81-55-997-4057
  • A little bit of English
  • None
  • fukaragama.jp
  • 3,000 yen

 Fukaragama Murakami Tobo Atelier  Fukaragama Murakami Tobo Atelier

1st Day



Tadaima Japan

Mt.Fuji is alsways here in Susono city. My recommendation is “JA Fureai Market” where you can buy fresh vegetables from Mt.Fuji. The best part is that you can see the people who produced the vegetables. Vegetables are all so fresh, and you may want to bite them right away. It’s also fun to take pictures of Mt.Fuji today. Mt.Fuji has great and mystical energy.

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