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02/12/2014 Festivals & Events  Visit: Temples & Shrines

Don’t miss it! The breathtakingly beautiful “Ginkgo Festival” in the outer garden of the Meiji-jingu Shrine


Until 8th December, the golden road filled with 146 Ginkgo trees is a must-see! The biggest part of this festival is the street lined with beautiful ginkgo trees that have changed yellow. The street continues from the entrance of Aoyama Street to the road surrounding the outer garden of the Meiji-jingu Shrine, “Meiji-jingu Gaien.” The scenery of the vividly yellow ginkgo trees, which can be seen from the entrance of Aoyama Street, gives a good contrast with the clear blue sky and “Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery” in the background. This particular sight is especially outstanding. The Ginkgo Avenue in the outer garden of Meiji-jingu has a long history. These trees […]

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15/12/2014 Visit: Charming Towns  Visit: Temples & Shrines

A day at an old nostalgic city. Wandering “Shibamata Taishakuten.”


  Let’s go to Shibatama on a sunny day! Things to look for at “Shibamata Taishakuten” Shibamata is located in the Katsushika district in the east end of Tokyo. It’s easy to visit from the Tokyo and therefore many visitors come to Shibamata every day to see the old scenery that has remained since the end of World War II. According to old records, Shibamata Taishakuten has existed since the Bunka-Bunsei period (1809-1829). A guardian deity of Buddhism, “Taishakuten” is enshrined here. One must see attraction here is “Jogyo Bosatsu.” It is believed that wiping the body of Jogyo Bosatsu cleans your sins and also cures disordered parts of your […]

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02/06/2015 Visit: Castles

Nakijin Castle, where a sense of ancient Okinawa can be felt

Nakijin castle

It was designated as one of the “Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu” in 2000. Nakijin Castle is proud of its vast grounds, which measures about 4 hectares to include it’s surrounding slopes. You can see the solid castle backed by the beautiful sea. You can’t say that you enjoyed the Nakijin Castle just from its amazing scenery, because Nakijin Castle is also a precious place where you can learn about the history of Okinawa. The three largest kingdoms were facing off with each other for over a century. In 14th Century Okinawa, it was a time when Hokuzan Kingdom, Chuzan Kingdom, and Nanzan Kingdom were […]

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18/05/2015 Visit: Parks & Nature

Photos of the short lived cherry blossom tree “Takizakura,” in Miharu city taken by Tadaima Japan photographer, Yuri Suzuki.


Takizakura in Miharu-city Miharu-city is in Tamura-gun, Fukushima Prefecture. As the city’s name suggests, the flowers of Ume, Peach, and Cherry blossom all bloom at the same time and because of this that, it’s name comes from the Japanese word “三春,” literally meaning three springs. Isn’t it cute? There are about ten thousand cherry blossom trees planted in the city and the Takizakura (literally, cherry blossom waterfall) is the most famous. Many visitors come to see it during the season. This time, our photographer Yuri Suzuki took some great shots of the Takizakura. I also looked back at my camera data and found some cherry blossom photos from this year. […]

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20/08/2015 Visit: Parks & Nature

Swim and Have fun at Amanohashidate Beach, One of the Three Best Scenic Views in Japan!


Did you know that there is a special beach in Kyoto?
Amanohashidate, one of the three best sceneries in Japan has a beach! The unusual geographical features called Sasu that lies between Aso Sea in Miyazu city, and Miyazu bay create Amanohashidate. The beautiful white sand and green pines stretch from south to north for about 3.6km. The place is related to a very old Japanese myth. You can also swim in the sea.

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10/09/2015 Visit: Parks & Nature

Miyajima is not just Itsukushima Shrine! We hiked up to spiritual, Mt. Misen! (Hiroshima)

Mt. Misen

Mt. Misen is one place of Myajima with mystical energy. Itsukushima Shrine is considered one of the best three sceneries in Japan and is designated as a world heritage site. However, there is one more thing to see in Miyajima. It’s Mt. Misen, also called the“place of wonder”, or the“hokey ground for lovers”. The mountain was founded by Koubou Daishi (the founder of the Shongon sect) about 1,200 years ago. We hiked up Mt. Misen to seek mystical energy flowing from Miyajima! You can either hike or take a ropeway! There are two ways to get to the Mt. Misen, one is hiking and the other is using the ropeway. […]

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11/06/2016 Festivals & Events

Get ready for the Sumida River Fireworks Festival!


The Sumida river fireworks festival is big summer attraction for Tokyoites. Last year more than 800,000 people visited. Furthermore, during recent years, more and more tourists from both Japan and overseas have come to see it, because of it’s proximity to the famous Tokyo Sky Tree Tower.

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03/08/2015 Visit: Parks & Nature  Visit: Temples & Shrines

Nokogiri-yama and its colossal colossal Buddha statue

Mt. Nokogiriyama is located in the southern part of Chiba Prefecture. The Nihon-ji Temple grounds cover most of the mountain area and were opened about 1,300 years ago. The ridges of the mountains are stretched out like zigzag teeth of a saw, hence the name Nokogiriyama. The highlight is Jigoku-nozoki, where you can get a view of the sharp cliffs and Sengohyakurakan.

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21/08/2015 Visit: Modern Japan

The abandoned island of Gunkanjima

This isolated island in Nagasaki is commonly known as “Gunkan Island”. It used to be 320m long to south and north, and 120m long to east and west, but became 3 times bigger when it was reclamated in 1897. This island was a coal mine, and there was about 5000 populations at its peak. It was closed in 1974, and became a desert island.

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01/09/2015 Visit: Temples & Shrines

Cruise under the Itsukushima Shrine’s Torii gate by “Miyajima Sanpai-yuran”!

miyajima yakatabune

Let’s cruise for 30 minutes in the evening. After enjoying O-torii at low tide, the tide started to come in. We boarded a houseboat so that we could take a look at the Torii from different angles. It takes about 10 minute to get to the port of Itsukushima Shrine. We headed to the 3rd pier in the back. The highlight of this cruise is passing underneath the Torii gate! It’s such a rare experience praying under the Torii gate! There weren’t’any other people there that day, so we had a private cruise! The sunset was really picturesque. Let’s get on the boat! Starting from the sea path and seeing […]

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07/09/2015 Visit: Temples & Shrines

Let’s go and see the mysterious O-torii gate floating on the sea at night! : Illumination at Itsukushima Jinja Shrine

Itsukushima Shrine night view

Let’s hang out at Itsukushima Shrine at night after dinner. If you are staying overnight in Miyajima, I’d recommend seeing Itsukushima Shrine at night! At noon When we saw O-torii at low tide, there were a lot of people, but if you come here at night, it’s a little less busy. It’s hard to believe the silence and you can only hear the sound of the waves. We headed to Itsukushima Shrine after dinner to see the illumination. The mysterious O-Torii gate is a must see! Walking during night time at Itsukushima Shrine and witnessing it’s illuminated O-Torii is beautiful. The light reflects on the surface of the sea and […]

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25/10/2015 Travel Tips  Visit: Modern Japan

3 Original Photo Locations for the Tokyo Sky Tree, the Tallest Broadcasting Tower in the World!

Want to take pictures of the Skytree that are a little different? Follow our guide!

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25/12/2015 Visit: Parks & Nature

Mystical “Kagami-ike” will astonish you!


This is an area where you can view the beautiful scenery of Mt. Togakushi.
Togakushi shrine and great cafes are also located here. You’ll also need to be careful when taking photos, because of periodic strong winds.

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23/03/2016 Seasonal Activities  Visit: Parks & Nature

【SPRING】Cherry Blossom observation spots in Eastern Tokyo

When the cherry blossoms bloom, you’ll know that the spring season is coming to Japan. For centuries, watching the cherry blossom trees bloom is a great pleasure for many Japanese people, and many have cherry blossom observation parties under the trees. We would like to show you some great spots that are both famous, and relatively rare in Eastern Tokyo areas.

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21/02/2015 Festivals & Events  Seasonal Activities  Visit: Parks & Nature

【WINTER】Enjoy fascinating scenery in a snowy region during the “Yunishigawa Onsen Snow Hut Festival”

A hot spring in the mountain valley where a legend from 800 years ago still leaves its trace. Yunishigawa Onsen, a little known hot spring with a long history in Tochigi Prefecture is located near Nikko, a famous sightseeing area. Over 800 years ago, the Taira Family (heike) was very prosperous in Japan, but eventually vanished because they lost a big war in Yamaguchi Prefecture. The survivors fled Yamaguchi Prefecture to various locations all over Japan. Yunishigawa Onsen is one of these locations. This story is called “Heike no ochudo densetsu” (平家の落人伝説) or Fleeing Heike Legend. There’s a local museum and old temples that attract many tourists. The dreamy light […]

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24/02/2015 Seasonal Activities  Visit: Parks & Nature

【SPRING】The earliest cherry blossoms are now in full bloom! “Atami bairin Ume matsuri,” a plum blossom (ume) festival.

Traditionally, “Hanami” was for viewing plum blossoms (ume), not cherry blossoms. What do you imagine when hearing the word “Japanese Hanami?” Of course, it’s viewing cherry blossoms isn’t it? As a fact, Hanami used to refer to plum blossoms 1000 years ago in Japan. It appeared in Waka, the Japanese classic poem, because of the ume flower’s tidy and docile beauty. Sugawara no Michizane, who was said to be a god of wisdom, used to love Ume so much that occasionally Ume is used as a symbol of wisdom.   From early to late flowering, 58 types of the 457 ume trees have different flowering times! The best season to […]

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22/06/2016 Seasonal Activities

【SUMMER】’Ajisai’: Hydrangea, the flower of the Japanese rainy season


What kind of colors and shapes are hydrangeas in your country? Did you know that the original species of hydrangea is actually in Japan? The Japanese hydrangea often has a blue color and are very beautiful during the rainy season! When you carefully look at the hydrangea, the color is different in each stock even though it’s the same type of hydrangea. Today, I’d like to show you the reason why!

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04/03/2017 Seasonal Activities  Visit: Parks & Nature

【SPRING】Yawaragi no michi along the Nanatani River, is a hidden place to see gorgeous cherry blossoms in Kameoka, Kyoto.

Kameoka city in Kyoto is my favorite place to enjoy beautiful nature and delicious food. It is located 8 minutes by train from Arashiyama, the most popular tourist site in Kyoto.
I will give you a great tip for a cherry blossom viewing spot, only the local people know.

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