Why not interact with local people, nature, and eat some local dishes in a rural area?

30/12/2015 Everyday Life in Japan  Festivals & Events  Seasonal Activities  Traditions & History

【WINTER】Japanese Customs for January: Happy New Year!

Customs for January

1st January to 7th January: the first visit to a shrine Hatsumode, or the first visit to a shrine, is a custom for New Year in Japan.  Before, people used to visit a shrine at night after the sun set on New Year’s Eve, but now it’s common for people to visit in the morning, after breakfast. In some areas, people visit a shrine and pray exactly when the date changes. This custom is called “Ninen-mairi” (praying on two years). Sun, 6th January: Shokan Shokan is one of the 24 periods of the East Asian calendar. In Japan, around the 6th of January, the traditional Oshogatsu (New Year) period finishes and everybody goes […]

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09/03/2015 Visit: Charming Towns

Let’s listen to the sound of the sky, and leisurely play at Iya, in Tokushima Prefecture.

Hello everyone. Today I’d like to introduce you to a guesthouse that has such a nice name that you wouldn’t forget if you heard it once. The guesthouse is located in the Oboke/Iya district in Tokushima Prefecture. There are many old Japanese houses that still remain in the steep mountains. This place draws attention from foreign people who want to experience a rural Japanese life style and stay in old Japanese houses. Famous Japanologist, Alex Kerr is tackling the task of revitalizing local communities here. Old Japanese houses in the mountains of Iya The Japanese Eco-guesthouse, “Ku-nel-asob” is named after Japanese kanji characters meaning eating, sleeping, and playing. Opened in […]

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14/08/2015 Festivals & Events

A morning fair in Miyagi with 10 thousand people, “Yuriage-asaichi ”


“Yuriage-asaichi”or Yuriage morning fair is in Natori, Miyagi Prefecture.
It a 20 minute drive from Sendai Airport and after passing the area destroyed by the earthquake, you’ll start to see wooden constructed roofing and prefabricated housing. There is no parking area, but it’s a morning market where cheerful voices echo from the fishery and market place.

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05/02/2016 Visit: Charming Towns  Visit: Parks & Nature

Tsukudaya, an old Japanese guest house on Oki Island, Shimane Prefecture.


Hi there. Today, I’d like to introduce the old Japanese guest house
"Tsukudaya", surrounded by the Sea of Japan. From their website, you can see breathtakingly beautiful pictures of Oki Island.

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22/01/2016 Traditions & History

Did you know that straw is made from a rice plant?

Drying rice plants

Nothing is wasted and very eco-friendly Rice is harvested during the fall in Japan. You can see people drying rice plants after harvesting the rice fields. Rice farmers create some products out of straw during the off season. The excess straw can be used for fertilizer or cattle feed. The products made of straw can be easily burned and disposed of if they wear out. People in Japan utilize every part of the rice plant in their lifestyle. Straw-made products They make many kinds of products ranging from sandals, umbrellas, and even snow boots out of straw. Before plastic bags, straw was used to wrap food. People even made thatched […]

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