The Best Places for Cherry Blossom Viewing in Spring


27/04/2015 Traditions & History

What are the Origins of Hanami, the Japanese Viewing of Cherry Blossoms?

What is Hanami? During the  very short period of spring when cherry blossom trees are in bloom,  Japanese people enjoy the traditional activity called ‘Hanami’, that is admiring the beauty of the flowers. There is also another term for viewing cherry blossom trees at night, ‘yozakura‘, for which the most popular Hanami places are usually lit up with decorative lanterns or spot lights. Cherry trees and the rice paddy god During spring, we can see Japanese farmers bedding out rice-plants in the terraced paddy fields. During ancient times in Japan, the New Year was in spring, and the blooming cherry blossoms marked the beginning of the spring planting season. From […]

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19/04/2019 Visit: Parks & Nature

Destination Hanami: Hacking Golden Week for another Chance at Cherry Blossoms

When it comes to hanami (cherry blossom viewing), a mere two weeks a year of blossom-induced bliss is never enough. However, there’s a way to partake in a hanami encore or make up for missing the Tokyo hanami season entirely. How is this possible? As spring begins, cherry blossoms bloom across Japan from south to north. With some clever planning, you can follow them while taking in some of the country’s most beautiful scenery in the process.
Fortunately, catching cherry blossoms at their peak in northern Japan lines up well with the annual Golden Week holiday period that bridges late April to early May. Read on for three northern hanami hotspots to visit and how to make the typically hectic act of traveling during Golden Week work in your favor.

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12/04/2019 Visit: Charming Towns

Hanami Highlights: A Photo Journey along the Meguro River

Over 800 cherry trees parallel the lantern-lined walkways on either side of the Meguro River. This beautiful spring spectacle, coupled with trendy riverside shops and restaurants, makes Naka-Meguro one of Tokyo’s most popular hanami (cherry blossom viewing) spots.
Due to the romantic ambiance created by the illuminated cheery trees, most articles (including my own) that you’ll read about the Meguro River highlight it as a place to see at night.

What most articles don’t cover, however, is just how crowded the banks of the Meguro River can get—especially around Naka-Meguro Station. Nothing kills the mood more than being engulfed in a sea of sightseers.

Thankfully, if you have some extra time and a good pair of walking shoes, you can have a more holistic hanami experience by strolling along the less crowded portions of the river, just as dusk turns to night.

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07/02/2017 Visit: Castles  Visit: Parks & Nature

The 3 Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms in Fukuoka

1:  Tochoji temple Tochoji (東長寺) temple is an ancient temple founded in 806. It is famous for its ‘lonesome cherry blossom’ that you can see when you pass the temple gate. This ‘lonesome cherry blossom’ is actually composed of two cherry trees that look like one big tree when viewed from a distance, because their branches are intertwined. This 60-year-old cherry tree has lower branches, so you can observe the flowers from really close – and make great close-up pictures too. While you are in the temple, make sure to see its vermillion five-story pagoda and the largest seated Buddha statue in Japan. Tochoji Temple Address:2-4, Gokusho-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka […]

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11/02/2017 Visit: Parks & Nature

Nishi Park: Cherry Blossoms and a Panoramic View of Fukuoka

Nishi park

Nishi Park is located almost in the center of Fukuoka city. The Terumo Shrine is at the top of the hill in the park.
About 1,300 cherry trees bloom during spring and the place has been chosen as one of the Japan’s Top 100 Cherry Blossom Viewing Sites.
The Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Sakura (Japanese text only)
I’m going to introduce Nishi Park, where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of cherry blossoms in Fukuoka city.

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03/03/2017 Festivals & Events  Visit: Parks & Nature

How to see Cherry Blossoms in Asakusa, Meet Geishas and Much More !

The Sumida River is located between the Asakusa area and the Tokyo sky tree tower area. Sakura trees beautifully decorate the river bank, but there is much more to enjoy there during springtime! Here is how to spice up your hanami by meeting real geishas and watching horese-riding archery

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04/03/2017 Visit: Parks & Nature

The Secret Place to See Gorgeous Cherry Blossoms in Kameoka, Kyoto.

Are in need for a different place in the Kyoto area to see gorgeous cherry blossoms? Kameoka city, located 8 minutes by train from Arashiyama in Kyoto, might be the place you’re looking for.

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05/03/2017 Visit: Parks & Nature

The Keage Incline in Kyoto: a Great Cherry Blossom Photo Spot along Train Tracks

Each year during the cherry blossom season, the Keage Incline shows us a breathtaking scenery, with beautiful rows of cherry blossom trees on both sides of the railroad tracks. Here is a peek at what you can see during a walk along the Keage incline.

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15/03/2017 Visit: Parks & Nature

Why Mt. Yoshino is the Best Spot for Cherry Blossoms in the Nara Area

Mt. Yoshino

Mt. Yoshino, was registered as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2004; it’s especially beautiful during spring when you can view thousands of cherry blossom trees at a glance.
Here are a few reasons why you should go.

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07/04/2017 Visit: Parks & Nature

4 Key Places to Visit in Nara During the Cherry Blossom Season


Nara Park is a unique place where you can enjoy shrines,temples, and encounter deers.
The Hanami season makes it even more enjoyable. Here are 4 places you don’t want to miss during your springtime visit.

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06/04/2018 Sports & Martial Arts  Visit: Parks & Nature

Shinjuku Running [Cherry Blossom Edition]: Sprinting Among the Sakura of Chidorigafuchi

The cherry blossoms may have arrived earlier than expected this year, but don’t let that stop you from trying our next running course. In fact, if you are new to jogging, now is the best time to get started so that you’ll be able to tackle the entire eight-kilometer course before next year’s cherry blossom season.
This course will take you through two of Tokyo’s popular hanami (cherry blossom viewing) spots: a tree-lined ridge adjacent to Sophia University and the historic Chidorigafuchi Park, a place defined by the moat of the Imperial Palace. The running course described below will seamlessly connect these locations, but since Tokyo is home to countless cherry trees, there are plenty of bright pink blossoms to see throughout the entire route.

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28/01/2019 Travel Tips  Visit: Parks & Nature

Planning for Cherry Blossoms: Tips for 3 of Tokyo’s Hanami Hot Spots

It’s never too early to start planning hanami parties (or planning a trip to Japan to experience them). Cherry blossom forecasts start popping up as early as January, with various organizations doing their best to help revelers plan festivities under canopies of fleeting, pink flowers. For travelers from abroad, even Japan Railways (JR) is getting in on the action.

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22/02/2019 Visit: Parks & Nature

Yozakura: 3 Unique Ways to Enjoy Cherry Blossoms at Night

The joy and grandeur of hanami (cherry blossom viewing) doesn’t end when the sun sets. Thanks to “yozakura,” the custom of viewing cherry blossoms at night, travelers and locals alike can maximize their time under canopies of Japan’s ephemeral pink blossoms.
At first, yozakura—a combination of the Japanese words for “night” (yoru) and “cherry blossom” (sakura)—might seem counterintuitive. How is it possible to take in the full splendor of cherry blossoms without the brisk sunlight and blue skies of a pristine spring day?
Thankfully, with the right lighting, cherry blossoms when viewed at night can be just as spectacular as they are in the daytime. And, as you’ll see in this article, it’s not only the visuals that change as day turns to night. Depending on where you go, your yozakura experience can be entirely different than the blue tarps and rowdy revelers that dominate the day. Read on to learn about three entirely unique ways to spend an evening among cherry trees.

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07/03/2019 Visit: Parks & Nature

Find your Perfect Hanami Spot ! 16 Places to See the Cherry Blossoms in the Tokyo Area

If you are in Tokyo during the cherry blossoms season, it may be hard to pick up a specific place to view the sakura trees as the metropolis has so much to offer. Check out this list and chose the hanami spot that has the advantages you are looking for!

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28/04/2015 Visit: Parks & Nature

【SPRING】Late for Tokyo Hanami? Head Up North for Snow and Cherry Blossoms!

Tohoku (Northeast Japan) is your ideal destination if you’re a little late for Hanami. did you know that around the time when Tokyo’s cherry blossom trees have finished blossoming, the cherry blossom trees of the Tohoku region will be in full bloom? Sendai city in Miyagi Prefecture is called the “City of Trees,” and by taking a 30 min train ride from there, you can witness a beautiful, unending stretch of cherry blossom trees in full bloom along the river. The cherry trees are lined up on an 8 km stretch along the clear stream of Shiroishigawa river that runs through the southern part of Miyagi Prefecture. Out of the […]

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