03/09/2014 Seasonal Activities  Traditions

【AUTUMN】Tsukimi, the ‘Moon-Viewing’: How the Japanese Honor the Harvest Moon

Learn the customs and symbols for the most typical Japanese autumn celebration.

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21/09/2018 Festivals & Events

What to do in Tokyo this week (September 24th-September 30th)

This week, get in touch with Japanese history and traditional arts!

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20/09/2015 Seasonal Activities  Shinto & Buddhism  Traditions

【AUTUMN】Ohigan, the little know tradition of visiting the graves

Red spider lilies

Read about this typical celebration for the dead, a unique mix of Buddhism and Japanese Shintosim.

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19/09/2018 Sake  Souvenirs  Travel Tips

How to choose sake – check the prefecture

If you are interested in sake then it’s important to understand what factors can influence its taste. One factor is the place where it was brewed. Until recently, sake was mostly brewed and consumed locally, and thus acquired distinct regional styles. Sake brewed in different parts of Japan can vary in taste considerably. In this article, I will look at three ingredients that can change, when moving from one area to another. First, the type of rice, next, the kind of yeast, and finally, the water quality. Being familiar with the kanji of various prefectures will help you make an educated guess on what to expect from any sake, since this information is nearly always provided.

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26/08/2015 Festivals & Events  Seasonal Activities  Shinto & Buddhism

【AUTUMN】The Best Japanese Festivals for the Second Half of September 2018

second half of September.

Horse riding archery, demonstrations of manhood or traditional costumes and dances; what’s best?

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11/03/2018 Sake  Souvenirs  Travel Tips

How to choose sake?

When one thinks of Japan, one thinks of Japanese sake. If you are visiting Japan, you’ll certainly want to try some and maybe even bring back a bottle as a souvenir. However there are many different kinds of sake, with different tastes and drinking-styles. How can you choose one to try or buy among the huge selection available in most restaurants and stores, especially when all the information is written in the indecipherable kanji? Do not despair! The bottle label contains a wealth of clues on what the inside tastes like.

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27/08/2018 Visit: Parks & Nature

Explore Japan’s Living History in the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

With a giant moat, ancient, towering stone walls, and police officers and security guards around every corner, the Imperial Palace grounds, can be a little intimidating at first glance. However, not only is a large portion of the Imperial Palace grounds available for you to explore, but you can do so for free! Read on to find out how, and discover the true historic splendor that lies at the heart of Tokyo.

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10/09/2018 Seasonal Activities  Travel Tips  Visit: Parks & Nature

Autumn in Shinjuku: 3 Amazing Spots for Viewing Fall Colors

As one of Tokyo’s major business hubs, Shinjuku admittedly isn’t the first location that comes to mind when seeking out places to soak in the splendid yellow and red hues of autumn leaves. However, busy Shinjuku-based travelers shouldn’t give up on their fall-color dreams just because they can’t make it out to the local mountains. As you’ll see in this article, there are plenty of places to partake in the wonders of autumn, one of the best times of the year to visit Japan.

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07/09/2018 Arakicho  Bars & Restaurants

Beer, etc…Belgian Beers and More in Arakicho, Shinjuku

“If you don’t like beer, try Belgian beer” is something I often find myself saying. The main reason is that among the hundreds of different kinds of Belgian beers. you are bound to come across something that suits your taste. Another reason is, that Belgian beers do not have to follow the German beer purity law, which states that beer must contain only barley, water and hops. Belgian beers, on the other hand, may contain herbs, spices and fruits. If you have a sweet tooth, give fruit beers a try – for example a Kriek, which is has sour cherries as one of its ingredients.

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Festivals & Events

What to do in Tokyo this week? (September 10th – September 16th)

Sumo, Tahitian culture or a four-days Japanese traditional festival… Where will you go?

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16/08/2018 Festivals & Events

Get a chance to win a yukata just by answering our survey!

Help us improve our website and get a chance to win a Tadaima Japan exclusive yukata!

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30/08/2014 Manners  Traditions

How to use your Japanese Folding Fan the Right Way

The different uses of the folding fan in Japanese culture Many people may think of the folding fan as something to put on the wall for decoration or as an accessory used by noble ladies at social gatherings. However, in Japan, the folding fan is an object primarily for cooling oneself, and is used by both women and men alike. The primitive form of the folding fan originated in Japan during the Heian period (about 834-848 A.D.) when slender strips of wood were used for writing notations. These were bound on one side so that they could be carried around more easily. Fans made their way to China, where they […]

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23/08/2018 Arakicho  Bars & Restaurants  Ramen, Soba, etc...

Soba House Konjiki Hototogisu (new location 2018) – a Michelin Restaurant near Shinjuku Gyoen Park

What is the number one ranked ramen restaurant in the Shinjuku area? There are several ranking sites for ramen but recently the “ramen database” (in Japanese only) has started appearing frequently in my search results. Their number 1 ramen restaurant in the Shinjuku area, Soba House Konjiki Hototogisu (Konjiki for short) is a place I never heard of before. In addition, it’s labeled as a Bib Gourmand Michelin restaurant, meaning that it offers gourmet food at a reasonable price. Without further ado, I decided to check it out for myself.

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13/08/2018 Ramen, Soba, etc...  Travel Tips

10 things you should know before eating ramen in Japan

If you’re traveling alone and feeling hungry ramen is probably the best choice for a satisfying meal. It’s arguably one of the most famous Japanese dishes and there are several well-known Tokyo ramen restaurants closeby to the Tadaima Japan Shinjuku Ryokan. Whether it’s your first time to try ramen, or whether you are a ramen veteran, you should definitely add one (or more) ramen meals to your itinerary. Here are 10 things you should know before you start slurping down those noodles.

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08/09/2015 Seasonal Activities  Shinto & Buddhism  Traditions

【AUTUMN】How to Enjoy the “Chrysanthemum Festival” on September 9th

It is one of five festivals in Japan. September 9th is also called Choyo-no-sekku or Kiku-no-sekku, because the chrysanthemum, or ‘kiku’ is the seasonal flower on the old Chinese calendar.

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20/08/2018 Sports & Martial Arts  Travel Tips  Visit: Parks & Nature

10 tips for climbing Mt Fuji

The official Mt Fuji climbing season is already halfway over, however there are still a few weeks left to have a go at Japan’s highest peak! If you’ve been mulling it over, but not quite sure where to start with your preparations, here are 10 simple tips to get you started.

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18/07/2018 Arakicho  Interviews  Traditions

[VIDEO] Exclusive Interview of Chie, the Singing Mangaka

Chie is a ‘Nagashi’ artist: she wanders the streets of Arakicho and plays her traditional instrument in the local bars to entertain the customers. She’s also a mangaka ans draws people’s portraits while singing. After meeting her by chance at the Ringo no Hana restaurant in Arakicho, I asked to meet her again and hear her story. I have a lot of admiration for Chie and I was deeply moved by her story. I’ve been looking forward to share this with you all. I hope you will enjoy this interview in which, among other things, Chie explains us what it means for her to do this job and  she tells her […]

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31/08/2018 Everyday Life in Japan  Travel Tips

10 Train Travel Tips to help you get around the Tokyo area

If you have found yourself perplexed and confused by the transportation system in Japan, you aren’t alone. In fact, even the Japanese themselves make the occasional misstep. Here are ten tips based on my own experience to help you get around more easily.

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03/09/2018 Traditions  Visit: Museums

The Samurai Museum: An Exclusive Shinjuku Experience Nearly 700 Years in the Making

What are the first things that come to mind when you think of Japan? Chances are that “samurai” was one of the first words that popped into your head. It’s easy to write off Japan’s association with samurai as being trivial, akin to having cowboys represent American culture. However, with samurai dominating a nearly 700-year period of Japanese history, these warrior servants are truly an integral part of Japanese culture.
Often romanticized in cinema, video games, and comics, it’s difficult to separate fact and fiction when it comes to legendary samurai warriors. If you are looking to take on the monumental task of doing so, the Samurai Museum, located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, is a great place to start.

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17/04/2018 Arakicho  Souvenirs  Traditions  Travel Tips

The Goshuincho: A Necessity for Japan Travel Enthusiasts

When it comes to things that I wish I had known before visiting (and eventually moving to) Japan, the goshuincho, a book used for collecting ink stamps and calligraphy from Japanese shrines, tops the list. So, allow me to save you some regret. If you are planning on visiting Japan, do yourself a favor and pick up a goshuincho at the first shrine or temple that you visit. A goshuincho can be the perfect memento for your travels and an elegant record of the many beautiful shrines and temples that you’ll see in Japan.

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28/08/2018 Everyday Life in Japan  Manners  Traditions

How to use Japanese chopsticks the right way

Here are the do’s and don’t of Japanese chopsticks! Learn how to avoid making cultural mistakes while eating with Japanese people.

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30/08/2018 Interviews  Traditions

Interview of Taihei Tsunekawa, tatami craftsman

Meet Mr. Tsunekawa, a tatami craftsman in a small, 160 years old workshop in Tokyo.

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