Japanese Street Food and Finger Food

21/10/2014 Food & Drinks

Osaka Finger Food: How to Eat Kushikatsu Fried Skewers where it Originated from!

If you are visiting Osaka and want to eat something local, trying fried skewers at the shop that invented them is a must-do.

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13/11/2014 Food & Drinks

Oden, the Japanese Winter One-Pot Dish you Cannot Miss!

Oden is the Japanese staple dish of the cold winter When  winter season is around the corner, oden starts appearing everywhere in Japan. It is a dish consisting of various ingredients stewed in a soy sauce flavored soup. Common ingredients are radish, eggs, and nerimono (paste products) such as chikuwa (a tubular roll of boiled fish paste), hanpen (fish cake) or konjak. The ingredients used in oden are called tane, and their characteristics vary according to area and preferences. For example, in the Kanto area, including Tokyo, people like a type of wheat gluten cake in the shape of chikuwa called “chikuwabu.” In Osaka and the Kansai area in general, they […]

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05/12/2014 Bars & Restaurants

Sankaku Park (Triangle Park), the Best Place to Eat Takoyaki in Osaka


A word about takoyaki or octopus dumplings Takoyaki is a cuisine that is made from a flour-based batter and diced octopus, poured it into a special iron griddle with half-spherical molds, and fried. It’s a classic street food that nowadays you can eat it all over Japan, especially during festivals, but it is originally from Osaka – one could even say it is the ‘soul food’ of the city – which is why you should absolutely try them here if you can. You will find many stalls serving them in the Dotonbori area, usually with long lines of tourists waiting to try the delicacy. A better place to get your […]

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