The Best Places for Koyo, Fall Colors Viewing in Autumn

10/09/2018 Travel Tips  Visit: Parks & Nature

Autumn in Shinjuku: 3 Amazing Spots for Viewing Fall Colors

As one of Tokyo’s major business hubs, Shinjuku admittedly isn’t the first location that comes to mind when seeking out places to soak in the splendid yellow and red hues of autumn leaves. However, busy Shinjuku-based travelers shouldn’t give up on their fall-color dreams just because they can’t make it out to the local mountains. As you’ll see in this article, there are plenty of places to partake in the wonders of autumn, one of the best times of the year to visit Japan.

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15/10/2014 Visit: Parks & Nature

A vast golden carpet, the Sengokuhara Japanese “Pampas Grass Field in Hakone”

Japanese pampas grass, a symbol of autumn in Japan nears its peak viewing season In Japan, when autumn arrives, Japanese pampas grass turns gold and runs rampant in fields and riverbeds allowing you to sense the deepening of autumn. The Japanese have long had a close relationship with pampas grass. It was used as material to make kayabuki (thatched) roofs and as feed for cattle, making it an important and essential part of everyday life. Because of this there were fields called “kayaba” (pampas grass area) near villiages that were designated for growing pampas grass. These days the kayaba are no longer there, but the tradition of decorating with pampas […]

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11/10/2015 Visit: Parks & Nature

Gunma prefecture: “Kakumanbuchi” has beautiful scenery filled with trees and a marsh in its mountain area.


Enjoy the autumn foliage in a small marshland. This small marshland, Kakumanbuchi is located at Mt. Akagi (elev. 1360-meters) in Gunma Prefecture. The best time to see autumn foliage has arrived. Kakumanbuchi is a small marsh about 1-kilometer in circumference and its promenade is fully furbished, so you can enjoy a 30-minute hike. The best season for autumn foliage is the middle of October because the marsh is located at such a high elevation. “Oze” is a very large and famous marshland Japan and Kakumanbuchi is sometimes referred to as, “little Oze”. The gradation of yellow colored grass is beautiful. Red autumn foliage cannot be seen here, but the other […]

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21/10/2015 Visit: Parks & Nature

【AUTUMN】The best season for autumn foliage comes in late November! ”The Kenrokuen garden” in Ishikawa Prefecture.


Kenrokuen in Kanazawa city, Ishikawa Prefecture is considered one of the three great gardens in Japan. You can enjoy the many different types of seasonal plants throughout the year. In autumn you’ll find maple trees, cherry blossom trees, Japanese zelkova, and enkianthus that all turn red. Illuminated trees are a must see from the 20th of November!

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22/10/2015 Visit: Parks & Nature  Visit: Temples & Shrines

【AUTUMN】Enjoy Kyoto’s autumn foliage in a day! “Mt.Higashiyama”

Autumn foliage in Higashiyama

Japan is currently in the height of autumn and from all over the country we’re hearing news of the beautiful autumn leaves.
Most famous of all are the beautiful Kyoto autumn leaves. In 2013, we walked through the Higashiyama area of Tokyo, photographing their leaves, and today we bring you photographs from Kyoto.

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26/10/2015 Visit: Parks & Nature  Visit: Temples & Shrines

Our recommended route for a day trip to Kyoto’s Mt. Arashiyama, famous for its autumn foliage!

We’ll show you the colors of autumn, Japan’s most beautiful season. Following the “Higashiyama Collection”, We’ll introduce you the colors of autumn in Kyoto with our footage filmed last year. This time, it’s the “Arashiyama Collection”. In this video, we introduce 5 different spots and you can actually see them all in one day! Please enjoy. A:“Hogon-in Temple”,the best autumn foliage spot in Arashiyama and also good to visit at night. Hogon-in Temple is famous for its beautiful garden and is open to the public from December 6th. You can see the Garden of Shishiku and beautiful scenery of Mt. Arasiyama. It’s usually not available to see, so there will […]

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18/11/2016 Visit: Parks & Nature

Walk around in the autumn leaves of Tokyo. Photos of six selected spots!


Look at the beautiful autumn photos and find your favorite sites to visit!

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19/09/2018 Travel Tips  Visit: Parks & Nature

3 Amazing Autumn Day Trips from Shinjuku

Although there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy fall colors in Shinjuku, nothing beats getting out into nature and strolling or hiking below a canopy of gold and crimson leaves. All it takes is the right train and a day of free time to experience some truly wonderful autumn excursions. Shinjuku Station, the busiest station in the world, is a hub that launches you to all sorts of adventures throughout the country. Read on to learn more about what you can accomplish in just one day.

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02/12/2014 Festivals & Events

The Ginkgo Festival:Beautiful Autumn Colors in Tokyo’s Jingu Gaien

The best place and time to admire Ginkgo trees like the locals.

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