Let’s travel back to the time of the Samurai and Ninja!


15/10/2018 Writter: Hideki Motosue
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Tsuruga Castle, the Japanese castle that Resisted Attacks for a Whole Month

One thing I enjoy doing while traveling through Japan is to visit its dozens of castles. Although quite a few are modern replicas, they are beautiful to look at, have interesting exhibitions inside, and offer great views from the top. This is especially true for Tsuruga castle in Fukushima prefecture which I recently visited. If you are interested in castles and Japanese history, make sure to add it to your Japan travel itinerary.

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Katsurahama Beach Overlooking The Pacific Ocean

Japan’s national hero, Ryoma Sakamoto admired this view Located in Kochi prefecture of Shikoku Island is the Katsurahama beach, famous for its lush pine trees, blue water, and white sandy beach. Visitors can get lost in time looking upon the beautiful scenery and large breaking waves on the shoreline. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean is a 13 meter bronze statue of Ryoma Sakamoto, a famous Samurai who was credited with bringing Japan’s Edo period to an end. Every year during the spring and fall season a watchtower is constructed next to his statue allowing visitors to catch his view of the Pacific Ocean. The opening day of the watchtower changes from […]

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“Hiroshima Castle” is definitely worth seeing


The history of Hiroshima Castle, as a center for the military Hiroshima Castle is said to have been established in 1599. Before that, Takeda governed it for the defense of Aki Province, but was killed by Mouri Motonari during the Sengoku period. After defeating the Sue in the battle of Itsukushima, Hiroshima was governed by Mouri. The Dai-tenshu built by Mouri Terumoto was registered as national treasure in 1931. It was bombed in 1945 and completely destroyed, because Hiroshima Castle was the headquarters for the military. It was even considered the General Imperial Headquarters, the highest organization of the Japanese military at the time. Learn the samurai culture at the […]

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Matsumoto Castle was built 400 years ago to win gun battles (Nagano Prefecure)

Matsumoto Castle

The impressive, Matsumoto-jo Castle. The oldest castle tower in Japan has 5 tiers and 6 floors, and has been preserved in its current state for 400 years. This black castle is also called “Uzyo” and is one of the most popular. The contrast of the black castle with white snow is especially beautiful. Let me introduce the inside. A castle built for military strategy Along with it’s impressive exterior, Matsumoto Castle is also built for military strategies and gun battles. It has fewer windows and more openings to accommodate gun barrels. Ishitosohi, or openings to drop stones onto soldiers climbing the stone walls, is another impressive feature of this castle. […]

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World-class heritage in Japan: ”The remains of Akita Castle”


The oldest castle in Japan is called “Jōsaku” Akita castle was built in 733 in Akita Prefecture, close to the Sea of Japan. It is the oldest castle in Japan. These old castles are called Jōsaku. This castle features a King and queen who did not actually live there. Most of the people who visited were government officials, like the people who worked for city councils and ward offices. High-ranking officials who came to Japan for the trade and import business visited as well. During their visit, these high-ranking officials and ambassadors were provided with hospitality and exchanged products imported from Hokkaido, Aomori and Akita Prefectures. A 1300 year-old flushing […]

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Hikone Castle is proud of its beautiful exterior!


There are a total of 5 castles in Japan that are designated as national treasures; Matsumoto Castle, Inuyama Castle, Hikone Castle, Himeji Castle and Matsue Castle. Today, I’d like to introduce Hikone Castle, which has history of 400 years. Its castle tower is really cool and the turrets and Genkyuen are also spectacular. The castle walls surrounded by a two-tiered moat have been kept the same as they were 400 years ago, and you’ll feel like you traveled back to the Edo period. There’s also a nostalgic shopping area called “Castle Road”, around the castle.

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The most popular castle in Japan! Kumamoto City is proud of its 400-year-old fortress!

Kumamoto Castle

Kumamoto Castle is one of the three best castles in Japan following Nagoya Castle and Osaka Castle (http://jp.tadaimajp.com/2015/07/osaka-jo/). Both of it’s exterior and views from the top are superb. It is ranked No.1 as the most satisfying castle in Japan, and has become very popular these days. The castle was built over a period of 7 years by Kiyomasa Kato in 1601.

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Let’s go to the Samurai’s village, Yagyu in Nara and eat traditional cuisine at “Jyubee Shokudo”!

Souvenir shop

Look at the restaurant’s sign… its logo is two Japanese bamboo hats! The Japanese swordsman’s home village of Yagyu takes about 1 hour to get to from the center of Nara city by bus. It takes about 50 minutes from Kintetsu’s Nara station and Jyube restaurant is just in front of the Yagyu-kami bus stop. Jyube restaurant serves Udon, Soba, various types of rice bowl dishes, and an edible wild plant meal. You can even enjoy eating a wild boar meal during the winter season. Its sign consists of the name of Jyube’s swordsman and two Japanese bamboo hats on a wooden sign. You might see its logo many times, […]

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You must visit, if you like Japanese history! The hidden village of warrior who prays a peace in Nara Japan.

The hidden village of a great swordsman The village of ‘Yagyu’ takes about one hour from the Kintetsu station by the bus in Nara. It is from lively Nara station around to pass the way in the mountain and then arrived the mountains surround the village. The peaceful mountains surround village inside, there is silent scene. You will discover something interestings, if you consider not only there nature and historic landscapes but also form of casual house roof and decoration of the bridge by walking. Visiting the great swordsman home village Yagyu is the birthplace of Yagyu Shinkage-ryu that is one kind of representative swordplay in Japan. There also famous […]

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Take a walk in the Yanaka Cemetery, where the last Shogun, Tokugawa Yoshinobu rests in peace. (Tokyo)

Tokugawa Yoshinobu’s cemetery

Welcome to Edo and it’s old world nostalgia. What do you imagine when hearing the word Tokyo? Some might imagine cutting-edge technology, young people in colorful clothes on Harajuku street, modeled locations of your favorite anime, or even the world from the movie, “Lost in Translation”. Tokyo has become such a hip city, but there are still some places where you can experience the nostalgia of old world Tokyo. One such place is Edo, here in Yanaka. We had previously introduced the shopping street, Yanaka Ginza and it’s one of these nostalgic places where you can get unusual handcrafts and tasty food to go. Yanaka Cemetery, which I’ll introduce to […]

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The image of Byodoin is on the 10-yen Japanese coin. It’s the land of perfect bliss that noble men dreamt about 1,000 years ago.


A shrine connected with FUJIWARA, a noble man from the Heian period Byodoin is a famous architectural structure from the Heian period (704~1192). It appeared in the tale of Genji. The shrine was built in the remains of the character’s villa. The tale of Genji is a love story that was written by Murasakishikibu. During this era, high culture was thriving, and you can get an understanding of their glorious lifestyle from the novel. The building and its garden represent the land of perfect bliss that noble men dreamt about 1,000 years ago. At the time when the Byodoin was built, the influence of Buddhism was becoming weak, because of […]

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(Oct 10-11th)A must-see event for Busho buffs! The Battle of Sekigahara festival will be held at Sekigahara, Gifu.

The most popular event in Sekigahara town, Gifu Prefecture is the Battle of Sekigahara festival! This event makes you feel as if you were back in time when the states of Japan were at war. We recommend that you stop by this event before or after you visit the other, very popular sightseeing spots of Hida, Takayama, Shirakawa-go, and Nagoya. What is the Battle of Sekigahara festival? The Battle of Sekigahara festival is a historical reenactment of a battle for dominance over the whole country of Japan in 1600, in the town of Sekigahara, Gifu Prefecture. Many foreign and domestic tourists visit every year. ※The Battle of Sekigahara It was […]

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You can eat the same kind of fast food that Samurai used to eat from the Edo period! The Japanese tavern, “Miyatogawa” is now open in Edogawa-bashi!

The Edo period’s fast food

Have some freshly prepared cuisine that samurai used to love! As you already might know, Tokyo is famous for its wide variety of restaurants! There are so many good restaurants and izakaya (Japanese taverns) in and around each area. The number of Japanese fusion Italian and French restaurants is on the rise, and their definitely worth a try. However, there are not many shops where you can eat the same traditional food that people back in the day used to eat, at cheap prices. If you are visiting Tokyo, you’ll maybe want to try the same type of food that was eaten during the Edo period (1603-1868). The Izakaya, “Miyatogawa” […]

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【SUMMER】Introduction of festivals held in July and August (Fukushima,Yamagata,Miyagi).

“Soma-Nomaoi festival” Hot summer festivals in the northlands! Let’s go and enjoy festivals that will stir the soul! “Soma-Nomaoi festival” < p class=”mgB40″>If you could have the chance to watch armored samurai dashing the plains on horseback, wouldn’t you want to see that? The Soma Nomaoi is a wild horse chasing festival with over 1000 years of history. It was said to mark the beginnings of military exercises at the time. In the present day, over 500 warriors on horseback will re-enact the Warring States era in this heroic and beautiful festival. Schedule: July 26th to July 28th, 2014 Tadaima Japan will be covering these events for the year 2014 […]

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A real samurai battle right before your eyes.“Soma-Nomaoi”, a cavalry battle!(MOVIE)

The 1000 year-long tradition of“Soma-Nomaoi” July and August are the two months in Japan when most festivals are held. Soma-Nomaoi is one of the largest summer events in the Tohoku region that indicates the coming of summer. It is common to see cavaliers walking streets in the parades all over Japan. Soma-Nomaoi is clearly different from others, because this festival originated during the actual preparation for war battle. The wild horses represent the enemy and the cavaliers in Kacchu armor battle them. The cavaliers here look so majestic and dashy. You might be able to witness the real spirit of the Samurai here. You can’t miss these 3 days! Sat, […]

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【Special Event: Feb. / Mar.2016】Here comes the much-loved Bushotai Group to Asakusa! “SAMURAI & NINJA SHOW”

Bushotai Group

Travel 400 years back in time to Japan’s Warring States era with this one hour interactive show!

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